XIV Workshop on Neurobiology of Epilepsy (WONOEP 2017) "Epilepsy as a Network Disease"

Mon St Benet, Barcelona, Spain

28 August - 1 September 2017

"Epilepsy as a Network Disease: From Concept to Strategy”

WONOEP 2017 was organized by ILAE Neurobiology Commission & WONOEP task force. Scientific Organizing Committee: Marco de Curtis, Katja Kobow, Raman Sankar, Liset M de la Prida and Adria Tauste.
Investigations from the full spectrum of network studies were considered including:
• systems biology
• local neural networks (in‐vivo, in‐vitro and in‐silico)
• regional networks (electrophysiogical and imaging approaches)


Reviews planned in Epilepsia:

Katja Kobow, Matt Mahoney “The network concept in epilepsy research: Systems Biology”
Rod Scott, Liset M de la Prida “Local networks”
Marco de Curtis, Neda Codadu “Regional networks”
Stéphanie Dedeurwaerdere, Rob Wykes “The network concept in imaging studies”
Adria Tauste-Campo, Olivier David “The network concept in human EEG studies”