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The ILAE recognizes that training of non-specialist health care providers can help reduce the epilepsy treatment gap as this is the entry point of most people with epilepsy. To improve the quality of epilepsy care in primary care services, we need to bridge the primary care epilepsy education gap.

The ILAE envisages a common competency-based primary care educational curriculum that cuts across diverse health care systems and socio-economic settings. The ILAE Primary Care Task Force held a series of meetings over six months to develop a Body of Knowledge for the Primary Care Epilepsy Educational Curriculum. Similar to the Epilepsy Specialist Competency-based Educational Curriculum (see Roadmap for a competency-based educational curriculum in epileptology/ Guía para un currículo educativo en epileptología- Spanish translation), this primary care curriculum is organized into domains, competencies and learning objectives. This body of knowledge represents a complete summation of elements essential for effective management of epilepsy within the primary health care systems.

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We invite you to provide suggestions for improvement through the feedback form below to ensure we are on the right track. Please also share this information among primary care physicians, nurses, community health workers and other care providers as well as policy-makers in your contact and encourage them to provide feedback as well. Deadline extended to July 15, 2021.

Feedback forms in six languages:

  • English
  • Arabicاستطلاع: منهج الصرع لمقدمي الرعاية الصحية الأولية
  • Chinese: 调查: 对于初级卫生保健提供者的癫痫课程
  • French: Enquête: Curriculum sur l’épilepsie pour les prestataires de soins de santé primaires
  • Russian: Опросник: Учебная программа по эпилепсии для специалистов первичной медико-санитарной помощи
  • Spanish: Encuesta: Currículo en Epilepsia para trabajadores de la salud del primer nivel de atención

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