JAMA Neurology

Association of Levels of Specialized Care With Risk of Premature Mortality in Patients With Epilepsy

6 August, 2019

Mark W. Lowerison, MSc; Colin B. Josephson, MD, MSc; Nathalie Jetté, MD, MSc; Tolulope T. Sajobi, PhD; Scott Patten, MD, PhD; Tyler Williamson, MSc, PhD; Rob Deardon, MSc, PhD; Herman W. Barkema, DVM, PhD; Samuel Wiebe, MD, MSc

JAMA Neurology 5 August 2019 doi:10.1001/jamaneurol.2019.2268

Key Points

Question Is the level of specialist care associated with premature mortality in epilepsy?

Findings In this cohort study, when controlling for age, sex, sociodemographic factors, disease severity, and comorbidities, those receiving care from a neurologist or an epilepsy specialist had reduced risks of premature mortality compared with those unexposed to neurological care.

Meaning The level of specialist referral is associated with an incremental reduction in the risk of premature mortality in patients who receive a diagnosis of incident epilepsy, and the greatest benefit is seen in those referred to a comprehensive epilepsy program.