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Advocacy Training Vacancy

25 January, 2021

The International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) is an international organisation for national epilepsy organisations (IBE chapters) that exists to provide support for a strong global network, to encourage the development of new chapters in underserved areas of the world, and to encourage communication and collaboration among all members so as to meet our mission and vision. Our members are patient/family focused and driven organisations and we work collaboratively with our professional and government partners world-wide.

IBE Africa, with support from BAND Foundation, is implementing a project known as “Making Epilepsy a Health Priority in Africa” one pillar of which is to build capacity in its chapters. The project has developed an Advocacy Toolkit to be used as a resource book. As a next step we are looking for an Advocacy Trainer to conduct capacity building in the form of training for CSOs working on lobbying and advocating for epilepsy inclusion.

Application deadline 30 January 2021

Advocacy Training Vacancy description and application process - IBE-Africa 2021-01