Art Around Epilepsy from the Japanese Epilepsy Society

Art Around Epilepsy

Annual Japanese Epilepsy Society exhibit

10 April, 2019

The Japanese Epilepsy Society (JES) has held annual exhibitions of Art Around Epilepsy since 2016 to provide opportunities for people to be exposed to the visual scenes of patients with epilepsy and those involved, as well as to become better acquainted with and gain an accurate understanding of epilepsy.

The first Exhibition of Art Around Epilepsy was held in 2016 at the 50th annual congress of JES, based on a proposal from Dr. Y. Inoue, Shizuka.

It received an overwhelming response, and thus it has been held in 2017 (Kyoto, Dr. A.Ikeda) and 2018 (Yokohama. Dr. H.Yamamoto), and will be continued in 2019 (Kobe, Dr. A.Kato).

The JES has compiled the works of art from the 2016 (Shizuoka) and 2017 (Kyoto) exhibitions into this English version in order to introduce them to people with epilepsy (PWE), medical professionals and general public from all of the world.

It is their hope that this artwork may help people understand how and to what extent PWE, their families, those involved and the general public are interacting with one another, as well as understand epilepsy and its surrounding situation, through these works of art and art exhibition.

To view the artwork, download the pdf here.