Brian Meldrum

In memoriam Brian Meldrum

1 October, 2019

We regret to announce that Dr. Brian Meldrum, a distinguished laboratory investigator, whose scientific career was devoted to studies of the mechanisms of action of antiepileptic drugs and to understanding the basis of the photosensitive epilepsy seen in the Senegalese baboon, Papio papio, died at his home in London on September 18, 2019.

Professor Meldrum was the author of more than 400 papers on epilepsy and ischemic cell injury, and served as associate editor of Epilepsy Research (1985-1990) and later managing editor (1991-2000). Professor Meldrum also edited or co-edited 18 books on epilepsy, clinical neurophysiology, brain hypoxia and primate models of neurological disorders, and received many honors for his work.

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