International Case Control Study of SUDEP

4 December, 2023

On behalf of the ILAE SUDEP Task Force, all ILAE members are invited to participate in an international case control study of SUDEP. If any of your patients die from SUDEP, we would like you to see if you can enrol the patient in this study. Three controls will then be randomly selected from all the people with epilepsy of a similar age and the same sex who have been seen recently at your centre. Interviews with the controls and the families of the cases will be conducted and notes reviewed to identify risk factors for SUDEP, and potential protective factors. Each centre needs to determine ethics required. The administrator of the EpiNet Study Group will help investigators to get ethics approvals, and some funding is available to help cover the costs of the interviews.

Please contact Erica by e-mail at epinetadmin@adhb.govt.nz if you would like further information.