Michael Prize

Michael Prize: Award winners 2023

15 March, 2023

The following Michael Prizes were awarded this year:

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Michael Prizes are awarded every other year at the occasion of the International Epilepsy Congress, to young researchers who have not yet reached the age of 45 years. They now belong to the most highly regarded international awards for the research in epileptology. Since 1963 (internationally since 1978), 76 researchers coming from 18 countries received the Michael Prizes. The list of award winners reads like the "who is who" of epileptology. Receiving the Michael Prizes as a recognition of their work is an important milestone for each renowned researcher in epileptology. Also the Michael Prizes are strong motivations for them to continue their research.

The Members of the Michael-Prize-jury are Eleonora Aronica, Jean Gotman and Yushi Inoue.

Since 2006 the Michael Prizes were supported by UCB Biopharma SRL.