Liga Venezolana Contra la Epilepsia (LIVECE)

ROW Foundation Grants Humanitarian Aid

14 August, 2018

The ROW Foundation recently made a medication humanitarian aid grant of 125 cases of Roweepra® (levetiracetam USP) to Cuatro por Venezuela, based in Houston, TX. This organization sends relief supplies in the form of medication, food and other necessary items to be distributed by their network of doctors and organizations in the country. With 85% of medicines currently not available in Venezuela, the Foundation saw a need to respond to this crisis.

The Foundation connected Cuatro por Venezuela’s president, Dra. Gloria Mattiuzzi, with the Venezuelan ILAE chapter, Liga Venezolana Contra la Epilepsia (LIVECE). With the assistance of LIVECE president Dra. Beatriz Gonzalez, they agreed on the quantity of medication to ship, and LIVECE agreed to accept the shipment and distribute the medication. According to Dra. Gonzalez, 1,000 patients will have access to the medication, and the supply is being made available to doctors from other parts of the country

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