Epilepsy Ecosystem

Solve epileptic seizure prediction!

22 August, 2018

Epilepsyecosystem.org is an online crowd-sourcing ecosystem for sharing data and algorithms to improve the performance of seizure prediction algorithms and make seizure prediction a reality for people suffering from epilepsy.

Around twenty million people worldwide suffer from drug-resistant epilepsy and the unpredictability of seizures is one of the major factors affecting the quality of life of people with epilepsy. Accurate seizure prediction algorithms can provide warnings to encourage a person with epilepsy to move to safety, or activate interventions such as electrical stimulation or drug delivery to avert seizures. In order to develop the best seizure prediction algorithms, the ecosystem will leverage world-class data from the first-in-man clinical trial of a seizure prediction device.

People with epilepsy need your love, and your algorithms, to help improve their day to day lives. 

Learn more and participate here: https://www.epilepsyecosystem.org.

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