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2019 ILAE Neurobiology Commission Bursaries

3 September, 2019

The Neurobiology Commission of the ILAE is pleased to announce that the 2019 ILAE Neurobiology Commission Bursaries were awarded to the following young investigators

Bursaries to attend scientific meetings:

Annick Melanie Magnerou MD (Cameroon) to attend the XXIV World Congress of Neurology, Dubai).

Ashwini Sri Hari (India) PhD candidate in USA to attend the park City epilepsy meeting in Utah, USA.

Lionel Nyamurenje MBChB (Zimbabwe) to attend the European Pediatric Neurology Scientific Meeting in Athens, Greece.

Victor Navarette Modesto (Mexico, PhD candidate in Mexico to attend the Society for Neruoscience meeting in Chicago, USA.

Bursaries for visiting training fellowships to expand their skills in epilepsy research and care:

Amit Agarwal MD (India) for a training fellowship in the Cleveland Clinic Clinical Neurophysiology/Epilepsy Course & Training Programs

Ewa Czaoinska Ciepela PhD candidate (Poland) for a training fellowship in the Electroencephalography Laboratory, Department of Neurology, Christian Doppler Klinik, Salzburg, Austria

Thomas Amartey Tagoe BSc, PhD/Dr (Ghana) for a training research fellowship in the Raimondo Lab, Cape Town, South Africa.”

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