Definition & Classification

Comments needed on proposed Classification and Definition of Epilepsy Syndromes

19 May, 2021

The ILAE seeks your comments on four papers prepared by the Task Force on Nosology and Definitions that provide the definitions for the many epilepsy syndromes at various ages. These papers summarize diagnostic electroclinical criteria as well as provide information about expected results of other investigations (imaging, genetics), frequent co-morbidities, and natural history. These definitions will become the League’s formal positions on these syndromes once edited and approved.

A key step in this process is opening up the proposed definitions for public comment from the many experts around the world that are part of our membership. Please review these extensive papers and share with all of us your thoughts and whether changes should be considered. These comments will be posted on this website (a separate page for each of the four papers) so that your thoughts can stimulate colleagues to make additional comments and create a discussion within the community.

These papers are now posted for public comment through July 15.

Read and comment on the Proposed Classification and Definition of Epilepsy Syndromes