Final results for election of ILAE regional officers

25 May, 2021

The Elections Committee is pleased to announce that the ILAE regional elections have been completed. The elected officers of the six Regional Boards for the 2021-2025 term are as follows:


Jo Wilmshurst (South Africa), Chair
Youssoufa Maiga (Mali)
Augustina Charway-Felli (Ghana)
Constant Kodjo Adjien (Benin)
Dominique Enyama (Cameroon)


John Dunne (Australia), Chair
Kheng Seang Lim (Malaysia)
Wei Ping Liao (China)
Kensuke Kawai (Japan)
Seung Bong Hong (South Korea)

ILAE-Eastern Mediterranean

Ghaieb Al Jandeel (Iraq), Chair
Fatema Abdullah (Bahrain)
Raidah Saleem Al-Baradie (Saudi Arabia)
Nirmeen Kishk (Egypt)
Reda Ouazzani (Morocco)


Matthew Walker (United Kingdom), Chair
Nicola Specchio (Italy)
Cecile Johannessen Landmark (Norway)
Alexis Arzimanoglou (France)
Silvio Basic (Croatia)
Vasilos Kimsikidis (Greece)

ILAE-Latin America

Mario Arturo Alonso Vanegas (Mexico), Chair
Fernando Cendes (Brazil)
Walter Horatio Silva (Argentina)
Loreto Rios-Pohl (Chile)
Luis Carlos Mayor Romero (Colombia)

ILAE-North America

Jaideep Kapur (USA), Chair
Michele Lashley (Caribbean)
Dang Nguyen (Canada)
Judy Tapper (Caribbean)
Tim Welty (USA)

The membership of each Regional Board will also include the Past Chair, and will be completed with the appointment of two additional officers by the President-elect.

The ILAE election process is now complete. Please see details of ILAE election results at all stages of the process.

The Elections Committee congratulates all the elected officers and wishes them a successful service for the next 4 years. We would also like to thank the many candidates that participated in each phase of the election for their commitment and willingness to serve. Mr. Gus Egan is gratefully acknowledged for his very efficient assistance throughout the election process.

Emilio Perucca (Committee Chair)
Solomon L. Moshé
Birinus Ezeala-Adikaibe
Jacqueline French
Hassan S. Hosny
Makiko Osawa
T. Peter Wolf
Elza Marcia Targas Yacubian