Günter Krämer chosen as new ILAE Wikipedia Editor-in-Chief

Recognizing that Wikipedia is the most commonly-accessed source of health information by professionals and lay public worldwide as well as the need for optimal educational and health resources, the ILAE has taken the unique opportunity to convey through Wikipedia the most authoritative and up-to-date information about epilepsy, working jointly with our ILAE journals (Epilepsia, Epilepsia Open, and Epileptic Disorders).

Under the leadership of ILAE Wikipedia Editor-in-Chief Günter Krämer and Associate Editors Selim Benbadis and Nicola Maggio, the editorial team will first revise and edit existing epilepsy-related entries, and thereafter new entries will be created. The goal is to present to the public all aspects of epilepsy in a comprehensive database that includes full-featured articles and commented video sequences of seizures.