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ILAE-EMR Epilepsy Fellowships: Call for applications

18 November, 2021

The International League Against Epilepsy Eastern Mediterranean Region (ILAE-EMR) is pleased to announce the availability of fellowships to epileptologists interested to engage in further training in epilepsy, including internships in epilepsy monitoring units. The timing and duration of fellowships will be determined later in collaboration between the candidate and the accepting center. However, a minimum of two months is required. The amount of support to be used for accommodation and travel can not exceed US$3,000 for the entire fellowships. Selection of candidates will be made by ILAE-EMR executive board members, and the number of fellowships will depend on availability of funds.

To apply, applicants should submit:

  • Copy of a recent CV and any supporting document(s) as considered appropriate.
  • A letter from head of department of the applicant’s Institution indicating how the Institution intends to utilize the expertise acquired by the applicant during the fellowship.
  • Letter of acceptance from the center where training will occur. In the absence of such letter, ILAE-EMR may take responsibility for identifying a center suitable for the candidate’s expectations and needs.
  • The application should specify the proposed duration of fellowship and the amount of financial support required.

Fellowship guidelines and application information

Applications should be emailed to gegan@ilae.org before 28 November 2021.