Routine EEG Quiz - Expert Version

10 October, 2022

The ILAE EEG Task Force would like to invite you to participate in an EEG study whose purpose is to evaluate inter-rater reliability among experts about "must-know" routine EEG (rEEG) findings for adult & child neurology residents.1

This rEEG quiz comprises 30 multiple choice questions and contains both normal and abnormal EEG findings. It should not take more than about 15 minutes to complete the entire quiz. All information will be collected anonymously and cannot be linked back to you.

Please note that you may zoom in and out on the EEGs by using zoom settings in your web browser. 


1. Nascimento FA, Jing J, Strowd R, et al. Competency-based EEG education: a list of “must-know” EEG findings for adult and child neurology residents. Epileptic Disord. 2022.