Georgia Lifetime Achievement Award - presented to Prof Federico Vigevano

Spotlight on the Georgian Chapter of the ILAE

2018 Lifetime Achievement Georgian Award

7 June, 2018

The Georgian Chapter of ILAE (GLAE) presented its 2018 Lifetime Achievement Georgian Award in Epilepsy to Prof. Federico Vigevano, Chief of U.O.C. of Neurology Children's Hospital, Director of the Neurosciences and Neurorehabilitation Department Children's Hospital Bambino Gesù.

The award was presented on 29 May 2018, during the ILAE-CEA/GLAE preconference symposia “Infantile epilepsy in light of new ILAE classification-new terminology, etiology and treatment perspectives” which was conducted in Tbilisi, Georgia, in a frame of 30th Annual Meeting of the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD) – “Together we are stronger”.

The award was given to Prof. Federico Vigevano to honour his exceptional and outstanding personal contributions over a long period of time to activities that advance the epilepsy education and care in Georgia. This contribution and activities have had a special impact and significance.

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