COVID-19 and Epilepsy

Learnings from the COVID Pandemic: The New Normal

ILAE Virtual Symposium: Learnings from the COVID Pandemic: The new normal

Symposium recording and -- NEW! -- microlearning modules

Opportunities to gain insights from ILAE experts, learn more about current best practices, and understand how the pandemic will likely affect medical practice into the future. View the recorded symposium and the 10-minute microlearning modules based on key concepts.

COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines and people with epilepsy

Report cases

If you have cared for a patient who has experienced an exacerbation of seizures, developed new onset seizures, or experienced another neurological change, please add the case information to our dataset.


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The COVID19 pandemic is affecting all of us, regardless of where we are and what we do. Professionals in epilepsy, like most health professionals, are under substantial strain on many fronts. As clinicians, we are called to deliver care under difficult circumstances and often with limited or insufficient resources. As researchers, our clinical and basic research facilities are on lock down and programs are halted.

As the pandemic progresses, we learn more about the disease and the possible effect on our patients. Our model of care with regard to how we treat our patients has had to change. Here we provide up to date information and resources to help us do this.

If you have important information to share about management of people with epilepsy in relation to COVID-19, email us here

ILAE COVID-19 and Epilepsy Research Award submissions closed

To recognize research that has been undertaken during the COVID19 pandemic, the ILAE will make one award for the best research, published or in press, for COVID-19 and epilepsy in each ILAE region. Submissions are now closed, and results will be announced in January 2021 in the ILAE newsletter, website, and social media.

ILAE Congress Changes

The 34th International Epilepsy Congress will be held in August 2021 as originally planned.

ILAE Regional Congresses: The North American Congress will take place on the original dates, but will be entirely virtual. Other regional congress dates and formats are being decided.

ILAE Academy is now open!!