Epilepsy Bibliography (1945-2012)

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Occipital Seizures and Epilepsies in Children

Authors: Andermann F, Beaumanoir A, Mira L, Roger J, Tassinari CA, eds
Journal: Mariani Foundation Paediatric Neurology: 1 Proceedings of the Mariani Foundation Colloquium on Occipital Seizures and Epilepsies in Children, Milan, 26-27 March, 1992 Collection Current Problems in Epilepsy
Publisher: John Libbey - UK, Eastleigh (256 pages)
Language: English
Type: Book in series; serial book
Codes: ISBN-10: 0861963857 ISBN-13: 978-0861963850 ISSN: 0969-0301

  • Pediatric Epileptology
  • Clinical Aspects - Particular Topics and Symdromes