Epilepsy Bibliography (1945-2012)

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Imaging and Pathology of Intractable Epilepsy] (in Japanese)

Authors: Yagishita A, Arai N, eds
Publisher: Shujunsha - Japan, Tokyo (252 pages)
Language: Japanese
Type: Non-serial independent book
Codes: ISBN: 978-4-87962-361-4

  • Clinical Diagnostic Procedures

Recent Development in Epilepsy Research

Authors: Arai N, ed
Journal: Shinkei Kenkyu No Shinpo (Advances in Neurological Science No. 261) 2005; 49(5): 654-831
Publisher: Igaku Shoin - Japan, Tokyo (177 pages)
Language: Japanese
Type: Journal special issue / supplement
Codes: ISSN: 0001-8724

  • Basic Aspects - Pathomechanisms, Experimental, Neuroscience, Genetics