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2017-2021 Commission Elections

Election process

Dr Eugen Trinka elected Commission Chair for the 2017-2021 term

The Elections Committee is pleased to announce that Eugen Trinka has been elected Chair of the European region for the 2017-21 term, having received 39 votes out of 46 Chapters (85%). We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Trinka on his success and wish him a successful tenure.

Eugen Trinka Curriculum vitae
Eugen Trinka Statement

Commission Members

The following candidates received the most votes and have accepted their elections.

Sándor Beniczky
(Denmark, 36 votes)
Curriculum vitae

Niccola Specchio
(Italy, 31 votes)
Curriculum vitae

Matthew Walker
(UK, 31 votes)
Curriculum vitae

Dana Craiu
(Romania, 27 votes)
Curriculum vitae

Sylvio Basic
(Croatia, 22 votes)
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The remaining candidates received the following votes: Philippe Ryvlin (20 votes), Ingmar Bluemcke (18 votes), Margitta Seeck (13 votes), Ruta Mameniskiene (11 votes), Janet Mifsud (11 votes).

Election Archive

Archived information for reference purposes:

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