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A Population Based Strategy for Comprehensive Epilepsy Care in Ontario, Canada

O. Carter Snead III, M.D.

Ontario has 95,000 people with epilepsy, 15,000 of whom are children. As is true everywhere else in the world, about one-third of these people have medically refractory epilepsy, and prior to 2013 the care that Ontarians with epilepsy received was uneven and their access to surgical evaluation varied from capricious to non-existent, even in the face of a very good single-payer health care system.

Carter Snead, Co-Chair, Ontario Epilepsy Implementation Task Force, details how his task force helped develop an integrated system for epilepsy care and education in Ontario.

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Farewell: Dieter Janz

Dieter Janz

On December 24, 2016, the international epileptological community has lost one of our iconic figures when Prof. Dieter Janz, Berlin, passed away, 96 years old.

Of his numerous and manifold contributions to our field, Prof. Janz is best known for the description, in 1957, of Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy, sometimes referred to as Janz Syndrome. He was ILAE Vice President from 1973-1981 and received in 1999 the Lifetime Achievement Award of the ILAE and IBE. He will be deeply missed. More …


Call for Wikipedia Epilepsy Editor

The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) invites applicants and nominations for the position of Editor-in-Chief of its new Wikipedia Epilepsy initiative. This presents the ILAE with a unique opportunity to convey through Wikipedia the most authoritative and up-to-date information on epilepsy … Qualifications, responsibilities and application process.

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Epilepsy Alliance Europe announces website

Epilepsy Alliance Europe, a not-for-profit organization established under the auspices of the ILAE and the IBE, has launched a new website, EpilepsyAllianceEurope.org. Read more about the organization and the website in the October 2016 newsletter

Opportunity to Comment on H2020 - Deadline 15 January 2017

The European Commission has just launched a public stakeholder consultation which will feed into the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020. This is an opportunity for members of our community to express their view on how the H2020 framework program has contributed to epilepsy research. More …

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Sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy

The objective was to assess the long-term outcome of sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy (SHE), using a retrospectively reconstructed representative cohort of patients diagnosed with SHE according to international diagnostic criteria … Our data show a poor prognosis of SHE after a long-term follow-up. (Neurology, January 3, 2017) More …

Therapeutic coma for status epilepticus

Use of TC for SE treatment seems markedly different between centers from the United States and Europe, and did not affect mortality considering the whole cohort. However, TC may increase length of hospital stay and related costs. (Neurology, October 18, 2016) More …

Mechanisms of memory impairment in epilepsy depend on age at disease onset

This study reveals that memory deficits in people with focal epilepsy have differing antecedents depending on the timing of the disease onset. (Neurology, October 18, 2016) More …

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WONOEP appraisal: Biomarkers of epilepsy-associated comorbidities

Epilepsia January 2017

The objective of this appraisal is to present state-of-the-art recent research findings in the field that highlight potential biomarkers for comorbidities in epilepsy. It reviews recent progress in the field, including molecular, imaging, and genetic biomarkers of comorbidities and highlights new directions and concepts from studies on comorbidities and potential new biomarkers for the prediction, diagnosis, and treatment of epilepsy-associated comorbidities. Epilepsia. DOI: 10.1111/epi.13652. More …

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