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Looking forward to the
31st International Epilepsy Congress

5 - 9 September, 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey www.epilepsyistanbul2015.org

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International Epilepsy Congress 2015 Istanbul

Advances in the treatment of status epilepticus

Historical Peninsula

This session on Wednesday, September 9, will start with a lecture by Jaideep Kapur (USA) on the translation of animal findings to the human situation. Eugen Trinka (Austria) will then discuss treatment options after failure of response to benzodiazepines and Simon Shorvon (UK) will address the management of super-refractory status epilepticus.

What's on for the pediatric epileptologists?

Beyoglu Trams

The Congress offers a uniquely rich programme for delegates who have an interest in the diagnosis and management of epilepsy in neonates, infants and children. Relevant sessions include “Acute neonatal seizures on early onset epilepsy: Challenges of early recognition and implications for management,” “Personalizing mTOR inhibition for epilepsy treatment: From bench to bedside,” “Epilepsy and autism: Co-occurrence and potential commonalities during brain development,” “Epileptic encephalopathies,” and many more.

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Epilepsia remains the top epilepsy journal


Epilepsia's latest impact factor is 4.571, essentially unchanged from last year. Epilepsia remains the top epilepsy journal, ranked 24 of 192 Clinical Neurology journals (up from 26 last year), with the most important and most cited papers.

Read the top 10 cited articles contributing to Epilepsia's new Impact Factor.
Access to these key articles is free for a limited time.

ILAE Secretary General Helen Cross awarded Order of the British Empire

Helen Cross

Professor Helen Cross, The Prince of Wales's Chair of Childhood Epilepsy and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Neurology at UCL-Institute of Child Health, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust, and Young Epilepsy, was awarded the Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the Queen's birthday honours. The Queen’s Birthday Honours list recognises the achievements of a wide range of extraordinary people across the UK.

European Commission does not change directive on animal experimentation

European Union

In reply to the European Citizens' Initiative "Stop Vivisection", the Commission concludes as follows:

The Commission welcomes the mobilisation of citizens in support of animal welfare. The Citizens' Initiative has provided an opportunity to critically examine how the EU can reinforce its efforts in moving from animal to non-animal based research and testing.

The Commission underlines that, for the time being, animal experimentation remains important for protecting human and animal health, and for maintaining an intact environment. While working towards the ultimate goal of full replacement of animals, Directive 2010/63/EU is an indispensable tool at the EU level to protect those animals still required.

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Seizures and Syndromes of Onset in the Two First Years of Life

Seizures & Syndromes of Onset

A reference book on diagnosis, consequences, and management of neonatal and infantile seizures. This book provides new insights on how it is best to approach seizures and epilepsy in the first two years of life, to systematically create a blueprint upon which diagnostic and treatment decisions can be based.

Edited by: Helen Cross, Linda de Vries, Solomon Moshé, Douglas Nordli, Federico Vigevano

First Epilepsy Brain Bank in Canada

Epilepsy Brain Bank

The Epilepsy Brain Bank at the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan is one of the first epilepsy-centric brain banks in Canada, and the first focused solely on adult epilepsy research. It was established by a team led by Dr José Tellez-Zenteno, Dr. Farzad Moien-Afshari, Dr. Adam Wu and Dr. Lizbeth Hernandez-Ronquillo

CLAE Connections | U. of Saskatchewan article |
Star Phoenix | CTV (video)

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A prospective study of direct medical costs in a large cohort of consecutively enrolled patients with refractory epilepsy in Italy

Refractory epilepsy is associated with high costs that affect individuals and society. Costs differ across centers in relation to the characteristics of patients and the extent of use of more expensive, second-generation AEDs. Epilepsy-specific costs cannot be easily differentiated from costs related to comorbidities. (Epilepsia. DOI: 10.1111/epi.13030)


Treatment of infants with epilepsy: Common practices around the world

High quality data to guide recommendations for infants with epilepsy are lacking. This study aimed to develop an understanding of common practice and regional variations in the treatment interventions of infants with epilepsy, and also to identify areas for further study and to highlight where common practice occurs without sound evidence. (Epilepsia DOI: 10.1111/epi.13003)

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Astrocyte uncoupling as a cause of human temporal lobe epilepsy

Astrogliosis (marked by hypertrophy of astrocytes and upregulation of astrocyte-specific markers) has been suggested to be proconvulsive in temporal lobe epilepsy. In this study, the authors show that there is loss of gap junction coupling between astrocytes in tissue resected from people with epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis; this could underlie improper buffering of K+ ions. … Using an animal model of epilepsy, the authors also show that astrocytic uncoupling is a fairly early process in epileptogenesis. Hence, one can hypothesize that halting astrocytic uncoupling after an initiating event could stop epileptogenesis.

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A novel anticonvulsant mechanism via inhibition of complement receptor C5ar1 in murine epilepsy model

Studying inflammation could give us insights into novel drugs for seizure disorders. In this study, the researchers examined a certain pro-inflammatory complement peptide C5a and its receptor C5ar1 in experimental epilepsy. (Neurobiology of Disease 76(2015) 87-97)

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White matter abnormalities differentiate severe from benign temporal lobe epilepsy
Angelo Labate, Andrea Cherubini, Giovanni Tripepi, Laura Mumoli, Edoardo Ferlazzo, Umberto Aguglia, Aldo Quattrone and Antonio Gambardella

New Articles (June 27, 2015)
June Table of Contents
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Epileptic Disorders

Editor's Choice:
Management of epilepsy in resource-limited settings. Comments by Associate Editor Mike Kerr

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Chapter Spotlight:

Turkey Chapter ILAE

The Turkish Chapter of ILAE (Turk Epilepsi ile Savas Dernegi) was founded in 1973 in Istanbul. The goals of the society are to promote basic and clinical research, to assure that relevant information is readily available to everyone who can use it, to create an interactive network of clinicians and basic scientists in the field of epilepsy, to participate in the creation of new knowledge and the process of establishing standards of care, to ensure the existence of sufficient medical facilities with well-trained professionals in Turkey.

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VIREPA Applications Now Open

Applications for the 2015-2016 Academic Year will be accepted from May 18 – August 3.

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Epilepsy & Sports

Diane Borg, Maltese Sportswoman
Maltese Sportswoman of the year
Diane Borg and friend
Stand Up For Epilepsy® and for full participation in sports.

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Definition of Epilepsy 2014 - New definition and commentaries.

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