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Upcoming ILAE Congresses

International Epilepsy Congress 2015 Istanbul

31st International Epilepsy Congress

5 - 9 September, 2015
Istanbul, Turkey


Early registration ends 22 May.

12th ECE - Prague - 2016

12th European Congress on Epileptology

11-15 September, 2016
Prague, Czech Republic


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Epigraph 2015 issue 1

Epigraph - ILAE Newsletter

From the Information Officer | From the Vice President | Traditional Healers | First Francophone Teaching Course | Building Infrastructure in Africa | Preventing Epilepsy After Injury | Preventing Death in Epilepsy | Awards | Obituary: Yukio Fukuyama | Obituary: Karen Gale | EpiNet | ILAE Journals | Upcoming Congresses


Help needed to grow the ILAE Historical Archive

ILAE Archive news

The paper archives of the ILAE have been moved to the Wellcome Trust in London, and professionally archived. The electronic index may be accessed at the Wellcome Trust.

The ILAE is now creating a procedure to collect documents from individuals around the world to help complete, enrich, and enhance the archive. Both historical and contemporary materials will be requested. Read more about ILAE archive enhancements…

Valproate in the treatment of epilepsy in women and girls

Valproate recommendation

Pre-Publication Summary of Recommendations from a joint Task Force of ILAE-Commission on European Affairs and European Academy of Neurology (EAN)

Recommendations for the use of valproate in the treatment of girls and women with epilepsy in the context of the European Medicines Agency's (EMA) recently published warnings and restrictions. This is a summary of a manuscript that was submitted earlier today to Epilepsia and is based on the work of a joint Task Force CEA-ILAE and EAN (the European Academy of Neurology). (10 March, 2015) Read recommendations.

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News Around the World                                                      All news

Karen Gale (1948-2014)

Karen Gale

The epilepsy community lost a truly unique and powerful voice with the recent death of Karen Gale, Professor of Pharmacology at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and one of the founders and the director of the Georgetown Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience. Karen had a research agenda that was as wide as her active intellect, and her recent work on the comorbidities of epilepsy including deleterious effects of antiepileptic compounds on neural development has stimulated great discussion within the epilepsy community. Although Dr. Gale left an indelible mark as a researcher and educator, she is perhaps best known as a stalwart advocate for faculty, students and staff.
Read Karen Gale's obituary.

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Clinical Research News                                                        All news

The ketogenic diet is an effective adjuvant to radiation therapy for the treatment of malignant glioma

Caret image Summary for non-specialists

The usefulness of the ketogenic diet has been shown in refractory epilepsy, but its use in brain tumors is still being investigated. This study showed that in mice with glioma, the ketogenic diet along with radiation was effective in shrinking tumor volume. The effect of the ketogenic diet along with radiation on seizure frequency would be interesting to observe. (PLoS ONE 7(5): e36197)

IQ at 6 years after in utero exposure to antiepileptic drugs: A controlled cohort study

Researchers recruited children born to women with epilepsy (n = 243) and women without epilepsy (n = 287) during pregnancy and followed them prospectively to delineate the risk to child IQ associated with frequently prescribed antiepileptic drugs. Also see related editorial, "Fine-tuning risk assessment with antiepileptic drug use in pregnancy."

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Basic Science of Epilepsy News                                           All news
Focus on Epilepsy in Nature Neuroscience

Targeting pharmacoresistant epilepsy and epileptogenesis with a dual-purpose antiepileptic drug

Caret image Summary for non-specialists

The authors of a recent study examined whether eslicarbazepine acetate (ESL) could target refractoriness to AEDs in addition to halting epileptogenesis. Using tissue resected from individuals with refractory epilepsy and pilocarpine- treated rodents, they found that ESL conferred use-dependent blockade of Na+ channels, hence alluding to its potential role in decreasing refractoriness. ESL was also found to block CaV3.2 calcium channels, mossy fiber sprouting and decrease neurodegeneration, hence having a likely beneficial role in slowing epileptogenesis. (Brain (2015) 138 (2): 371-387)

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Chapter Spotlight:

Bangladesh Epilepsy Foundaton

The Bangladesh Epilepsy Foundation is small, with approximately 40 members, but despite its size, it is very active.

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Definition of Epilepsy 2014 - New definition and commentaries.

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