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About ILAE - International League Against Epilepsy

The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) was founded in 1909 and is an organisation of more than 100 national chapters.

The goals of the ILAE are:

  • To advance and disseminate knowledge about epilepsy
  • To promote research, education and training
  • To improve services and care for patients, especially by prevention, diagnosis and treatment

National Chapters
Membership in the ILAE requires that Chapters are representative and inclusive of the entire epilepsy professional community. National chapters seek to further the goals of the ILAE within their country.

To join an ILAE Chapter, write to the Secretary of the Chapter in your country.

Poster session

Congress participants share ideas

Information about the International League Against Epilepsy

  • Executive Committee: President, Vice President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, and the Immediate Past President, and the Chair of each of the recognized ILAE regions as voting members for four year terms..
  • ILAE History, from its founding to the present day, including programs from past congresses.
  • ILAE Archives: a searchable database of minutes, reports, agendas, programs, scientific papers, correspondence, and other ILAE documents
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