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2012 Chapter Recognition Awards

It is with great pleasure that the International League Against Epilepsy congratulates these Chapters on their many years of service to people with epilepsy. This milestone means that citizens of their country who are afflicted with the scourge of epilepsy have benefitted from a group of professionals who have been dedicated to alleviating this great burden for half a century or more. The work of these Chapters has assured that people with epilepsy have access to the most up to date treatments from professionals who are connected to the latest developments in the field. National chapters are the critical link between the broad international experience of our members and the patient who wants a better life free from the worry of seizures.

Solomon Moshé, President
Samuel Wiebe, Secretary-General
Emilio Perucca, Treasurer

100 years of service:
ILAE Chapter of Great Britain

75 years of service:
Dutch League


Simon Shorvon accepting award


Gerrit-Jan deHaan-NicoMoshe
Gerrit-Jan de Haan, President, accepted award

50 years of service


Gerrit-Jan deHaan-NicoMoshe
Israeli Chapter
Ilan Blatt, President, accepted award

Gerrit-Jan deHaan-NicoMoshe
Italian League
Roberto Michelucci, President, accepted award

Gerrit-Jan deHaan-NicoMoshe
Swiss League
Günter Krämer, President, accepted award

Gerrit-Jan deHaan-NicoMoshe
French League
Alexis Arzimanoglou accepted award


Peruvian Chapter 50
Peruvian Chapter
Presented at chapter meeting



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