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Definition and Guidelines

ILAE Guidelines & Reports

Definition of Epilepsy 2014

Organization of the Epilepsies: View the working document and comments, and make comments.

Virtual Issue of Epilepsia on Guidelines and Special Reports Free Access


Antiepileptic Drugs


Other ILAE Guidelines and Reports

Non-ILAE Guidelines

Guidelines for Publications from League Commissions and Task Forces

A key component of the ILAE's Strategic Plan is for the League to be recognized as the authoritative source for epilepsy issues that are international in scope. The League appoints Task Forces and Commissions to advise the epilepsy community about major current issues as well as to provide us with up to date definitions and classifications that become part of a common language. To assure that all publications carrying the League's name reflect this central goal, the Executive Committee has approved a set of guidelines that will govern the preparation, review and approval of reports from ILAE Task Forces and Commissions.

As described in the formal Guidelines document, the League has established two types of reports: League Position papers and League papers. The League Position papers will be restricted to a small number of manuscripts that are designated in advance as League Position papers. These reports are generally restricted to topics that provide us common language or terminology such as classification or definitions. The League papers can be on a variety of topics (reviews, proposals, workshop reports). For this group of papers to be designated as a League publication, they must undergo formal review by Epilepsia and acceptance by the Executive Committee as meeting a level of scholarship and insight that reflects the League's goals. This designation is not automatic, and some papers may not receive the endorsement of the Executive Committee.

Non-ILAE Reports

Position Papers


Position Statements on Generic AEDs

Following are position statements written by Chapters of ILAE from around the world.  These are offered as a service to member of the ILAE with the intent of encouraging discussion of these issues.  None of these statements reflects the official position of the ILAE.  The ILAE does not have an official position.

Other Position Statements

European Position on Epilepsy Research Priorities from the Commission on European Affairs (pdf)
The CEA developed a series of broad research priorities at a workshop held January, 2008. It is intended to help focus efforts on those research questions which may have the greatest impact on understanding the mechanisms of epilepsy and on develping better treatments.  It may also be useful in discussions with others outside the field such as governmental and nongovernmental aagencies in emphasizing the need for epilepsy research and for demonstrating that the epilepsy community is united in this effort.  This paper does not represent an official position of the ILAE, but is placed here because members may find the recommendations useful


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