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Polish League Against Epilepsy

Professor Jerzy Majkowski M.D. - President
Dr Joanna Jedrzejczak M.D. - Vice President
Dr Piotr Walerjan - Secretary
Dr Wlodzimierz Pisarski M.D. - Treasurer
Dr Krystyna Niedzielska M.D.
Professor Zbigniew Stelmasiak M.D.

Elected on 11-12-1998 for 4 years

Polish League Against Epilepsy
02-952 Warszawa, ul. Wiertnicza 122/ Poland
phone: +48-22-842-24-92
fax: +48-22-642-74-34

Commissions (with chair and members):
Commission on Pregnancy and Epilepsy - dr J. Jedrzejczak M.D.,
Commission on Certification of Epileptology - Prof. J. Majkowski M.D.,
Commission on Psychosocial Aspects of Epilepsy - dr K. Owczarek M.D.,
Commission on Experimental Research on Epilepsy - Prof. S. Czuczwar M.D.,
Commission on Quantitative and Conventional Analysis of EEG in Epilepsy - dr P. Zwolinski M.D. and dr Piotr Walerjan
Commission on Politherapy and Drug Interactions in Epilepsy - Prof. J. Majkowski M.D.,
Commission on Neurochemistry of Epilepsy - Prof. Zbigniew Stelmasiak M.D.,
Commission on Pharmacoeconomy - Dr Wlodzimierz Pisarski M.D.

"Epileptologia" published quarterly.

Prof. J. Majkowski M.D.
02-952 Warszawa, ul. Wiertnicza 122 POLAND
phone: +48-22-842-24-92
fax: +48-22-642-74-34
e-mail: @

Meetings (scientific or educational) held in 1998:
XIII Conference on Epilepsy, Warsaw, 27-29.05.1999

Activities in relation to the Global Campaign Against Epilepsy:
A comprehensive model for epilepsy care was proposed to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Poland in 1995. Some of its parts were adopted to the current system on epilepsy patients care.

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