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Commission on European Affairs

Chair and Contact Information

Prof. Svein Johannessen
The National Center for Epilepsy
P.O. Box 900
1301 Sandvika
Phone: +47 67 55 4169
Fax: +47 67 54 0496

Subcommission on Eastern-European Countries

Chair: Peter Halasz

To represent the interests of East-European region within CEA. Bridging function between East-and West Europe with special emphasis on the hindered position of the "postcommunistic" countries.

Actually, to explore the situation of epilepsy management (place within the health care system, organization of care providement, diagnostic facilities, pharmacological and surgical treatment, approach to psychosocial aspects), and help to increase the level of management in those countries where epilepsy management is underdeveloped.

List of subcommission members:
Prof. Vladimír Komárek
Children Faculty Hospital
V úvalu 84 - Motol
CZ - 150 00 Prague 5
Tel: +4202 24 43 33 00
Fax: +4202 24 43 33 22
e-mail: vladimir.komarek@lfmotol.cuni.cz

Nana Tatishvili, M. D.
P. Saradgishivili Institute of Neurology
Epilepsy Research Center
Gudamakari 2
380092 Tbilisi/Georgia
Tel: +995 32 610 448; +995 32 0401
Fax: +995 32 227 808
e-mail: neuro@global-net

Milda Endziniene, M. D., Ph.D.
Clinic of Neulogy
Kaunas Medical Academy
Mickeviciaus 9
LT - 3000 Kaunas/Lithuania
Tel/Fax: +3707 79 95 72
e-mail: nerv@kma.lt

Alla B. Guekht, M.D., Ph. D.
Prospekt Mira 118A apt. 46
129164 Moscow
Tel: +7095 287 4966

Meetings held by the Commission:
- First meeting in Prague September of 1999, on the occasion of International Epilepsy Congress
- Next meeting will be held in Florence October of 2000 at the European Epilepsy Congress. A four hours closed workshop is planned to be held entitled: "Diagnostic and Treatment Gap in Eastern -Europe" with participants of this region.

Status of reports and guidelines:
A preliminary survey on epilepsy management in Eastern-Europe was done (P. Halasz) and presented on the European (Heidelberg) Global Campaign meeting at October of 1998.

Contacts and interactions with other commissions:
There is a co-operation with the CEA Subcommission on European Guidelines (Christina Malmgren) and with the Commission of Developing World in the "treatment gap" topic (Harry Menardi is asked to be advisor) and with the Global Campaign (Hanneke Boer). We cooperate also closely with EUREPA especially with the Eastern European group of "train-the-trainers".

Summary of activities in the past year:
1. Preliminary survey of epilepsy management in Eastern Europe.
2. Field work surveying and gain more hard data in each countries of the region about the health and social providement conditions for epileptic patients and level of "epileptology".
3. Initiated by the EUREPA "train-the-trainers" group which personally overlaps with our subcommission a real "breaktrough" started in education of neurologists in epilepsy in the "independent states" of the previous Soviet Union.

Plans for the coming year:
1. To organize the "Diagnostic and Treatment Gap in Eastern Europe" workshop in Florence.
2. To publish the material of the workshop.

European Epilepsy Academy

Annual Report 2000 Table of Contents

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