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Commission On Psychobiology

Chair & Contact Information:

Dr. Eva Bettina Schmitz
Neurologische Klinik und Poliklinik
Medizinische Fakultat, Virchow-Klinikum
Augustenburger Platz 1
D – 13353 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 4505 60022
Fax: +49 30 4505 60901

Members of the Commission:
Dr B Schmitz, Dr C Cornaggia, Dr F Besag, Dr S Koch-Stoecker, Dr J Gates.

• To enhance research and awareness of the behavioral and cognitive consequences of epilepsy; to understand the mechanisms of these problems, and to enhance management of patients.

Year: 1999-2000


Learning disability:
Chair: C.Cornaggia
Other members: F Besag, S Brown, G Gobbi

Brief outline plan for 2000:
- To set up a collaborative research venture examining the epidemiology of learning disability in epilepsy in several European countries.
- To have an international meeting on the subject, planned for April in Sicily.
- To publish the proceedings of that meeting.
- To produce a position paper for publication.

Chair: S.Koch-Stoecker
Other Members: D Taylor, E S Krishnamoorthy

Brief outline plan for 2000:
The subcommission has only just been established, and plans are to be formulated in the next six months.

Anticonvulsant drugs:
Chair: B Schmitz
Other members: M Schoendienst, J Walden, R Mattson

Brief outline plan for 2000:
The subcommision has yet to meet, but there are plans for the development of a research protocol for the monitoring of the effects of anticonvulsant drugs on behavior.

Pychotropic drugs:
Chair: C Cornaggia
Other members: B Schmitz, M Trimble, P Zagnoni

Brief outline plan for 2000:
The subcommission has an international round-table meeting planned for Florence to take place in October.
A position paper has been written, and will be completed and refined after that meeting. The proceedings of the meetings should be published.

Dementia and subtle manifestations of epilepsy:
Chair: F Besag
Other members: C Binnie, M Fowler, S Brown, C Cull

Brief outline plan for 2000:
A position paper is being prepared.
There are plans to develop a research proposal, which will be worked on over this year.
There will be a session on this topic at the BA congress, as well as a breakfast seminar.

Chair: M Trimble
Other members: D Blumer, E S Krishnamoorthy

Brief outline plan for 2000:
A position paper has been prepared, and will be circulated to other interested parties for comment. It will then be prepared for publication.

Chair: J Gates
Other members: L De Paulo, W Boaz, M Trimble, C Wan-Lai

Brief outline plan for 2000:
This commission was set up in Orlando in December 1999, and has yet to advance plans. A symposium on this topic is to be included in the BA congress programme.

Meetings held by the Commission
There have been full commission meetings as follows:
Bielefeld: 14.4.1999
Prague: 14.9.1999
London: 11.2.2000

Subcommision meetings were as follows:
Dementia and subtle manifestations: 03.03.1999
Antiepileptic drugs:
Classification: 03.12.1999
Learning Disability: 06.06.1999
Epilepsy Surgery:
Pseudoseizures: 06.12.1999
Psychotropic Drugs: 04.07.1999

Status of reports
The following reports are in preparation:
- Subtle manifestations of epilepsy
- Classification of psychiatric disorders in epilepsy
- The use of psychotropic drugs in epilepsy
- Learning disorders and epilepsy

Status of publications
Proceedings from the following meetings should be available for publication:
- Learning disorders (Sicily)
- Psychobiological aspects of epilepsy (Berlin)
- Using psychotropic drugs in epilepsy (Florence)

The manuscripts for Learning disorders have been requested, and limited funding has been allocated for the publication

The manuscripts for the main commission meeting in Berlin have been requested, but to date there is no sponsor for the publication. Several publishers have expressed an interest in this project.

The meeting programme for psychotropic drugs has not yet been finalised, and no funds have been found for publication.

Interactions with other Commissions
Approaches have been made to the Commission on Surgery, and further contact will be developed through this sub-commission activities.

Summary of activities and plans:
In the past 12 months several of the subcommissions that have been set up have met, and position papers have been drawn up.

Three major meetings have been planned, and it is hoped that the proceedings of these will be published.

Symposia are in place at the next two international meetings. These are:
- European Epilepsy Congress, Florence, October 2000: Symposium on the frontal lobes, epilepsy and behavior.
- International Epilepsy Congress, Buenos Aires, May 2001: Plenary session on Subtle Manifestations of Psychopathology in Epilepsy: a symposium on Pseudoseizures: and a symposium on the Psychiatric Consequences of Temporal Lobectomy. There will also be a breakfast symposium on Learning Disorders.

Research proposals are being prepared by the subcommissions, for appraisal by the commission.

The next meeting of the full commission will be in Berlin in May 2000, and then following that in Florence in October 2000.

Annual Report 2000 Table of Contents






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