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European Advisory Council (EAC) Report

Dr. Federico Vigevano
Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital
00165 Rome, Italy
Tel: 0039-06-68592262
Fax: 0039-06-68592463

Dr. Kristina Malmgren
Epilepsy Research Group
Institute of Clinical Neuroscience
Sahlgrenska University Hospital
SE-413 45 Göteborg, Sweden
Tel: +46 31 342 27 63
Fax:+46-31 342 24 67

EAC Annual Report (2002)

From 2001 until 2005, EAC will be presided over by Federico Vigevano as Chair, and Kristina Malmgren as Secretary. It is their intention to continue with the projects begun by Svein Johannessen and Peter Halasz.

EAC intends to involve the European Chapters to a greater extent in the organisation of the European Congress and to ensure that the conferences reflect the expectations of the majority of delegates. To this end, all the European Chapters were invited to submit proposals for the main topics for the next European Congress in Vienna. Not many proposals were received, but they were useful for selecting the themes.

The EAC Meeting was held on 10 October in Madrid, in the presence of delegates from twenty European countries.

EAC is part of the European Triangle and, therefore, works closely with the Commission on European Affairs and with EUREPA. Hence, EAC supports and participates in the initiatives of these two organisations, such as the preparation of guidelines and educational programmes, directed in particular to countries in Eastern Europe, as well as multinational research projects, such as the European Pregnancy Registry (EURAP).

In preparing for this EAC meeting, the Chair contacted all the European Chapters asking for information about areas of special needs at the respective national levels as well as any perceived obstacles to European collaboration. The few answers received emphasised the needs of educational programs in addition to the economic problems in Eastern Europe and the need for more professional collaboration within Europe.

The EAC intends to follow these suggestions in order to encourage contacts among the various countries and exchange of opinions.

In the future, a regional convention of the European Chapters will be convened at each European Epilepsy Congress.

Prof. Federico Vigevano Dr. Kristina Malmgren
Chair, European Advisory Council of ILAE Secretary, European Advisory Council of ILAE

Annual Report 2002 Table of Contents

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