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Therapeutic Strategies

Chair & Contact Information

Dr. Torbjörn Tomson
Eurologiska Klinik
Karolinska Sjukhuset
Box 60500
S – 171 76 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 85 17 73 705
Fax: +46 85 17 73 757

Annual Report 2002

Date: November 26, 2002

Report By: Torbjörn Tomson, Chair

Commission Members

Richard Mattson US
Elinor Ben-Menachem Sweden
David Chadwick UK
Emilio Perucca Italy
Roger Porter US
Philip Patsalos UK Secretary
Reetta Kälviäinen Finland
Blaise Bourgeois US
Santiago Arroyo Spain/US
Torbjörn Tomson Sweden, Chair

Others: to be appointed


Sub-commission on Evidence-based Treatment Guidelines

Elinor Ben-Menachem, chair
Reetta Kälviäinen
Richard Mattson
David Chadwick
Tracy Glauser

Sub-commission on Methodological Issues Related to Monotherapy Trials

Michel Baulac, chair
David Chadwick
Jacqueline French
Emilio Perucca

Sub-commission on Long-term Efficacy and Tolerance of AEDs

Santiago Arroyo, chair
Jacqueline French
Steven White
Elisabeth Tietz
Mike Rogawski
Richard Mattson
Ilo Leppik
Jose Serratosa
Andres Kanner
Tracy Glauser
Blaise Bourgeois
Thomas Hammeke
Sara Swanson

Sub-commission on Pharmaceutical Drug Development of AEDs

Roger Porter, chair
Bernd Schmidt


To advise the ILAE executive on issues related to the treatment of epilepsy with emphasis on pharmacotherapy.


  1. To develop evidence-based guidelines for pharmacological treatment of epilepsy.
  2. To address the phenomenon of tolerance to antiepileptic drug effects and the problems in evaluating long-term efficacy.
  3. To address methodological problems related to the process of registration of new antiepileptic drugs for monotherapy.
  4. To promote the interest of pharmaceutical companies in developing drugs for epilepsy.

Summary of Activities for 2002


The full commission has had three meetings during 2002, the first on April 7th in Taormina, Italy at the Eilat Conference on New Antiepileptic Drugs. The second meeting took place on October 6th in Madrid, Spain, on the occasion of the European Congress on Epileptology. The third meeting will be held in Seattle, WA, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Epilepsy Society on December 7th.

The sub-commission on Evidence-based Treatment Guidelines had a meeting to develop a guidelines manuscript in Gothenburg, Sweden in August. The Sub-commission on Monotherapy Trial Methodology will have its first meeting on December 9th in Seattle, WA.

Interaction with Other Commissions

The Monotherapy Methodology Sub-commission has been established in collaboration with the Commission on European Affairs.

Other activities

The Commission has endorsed EURAP, an International Antiepileptic Drugs and Pregnancy Registry, which subsequently has been presented at all three Regional Epilepsy Congresses in 2002 (Latin American, Asian-Oceanian and European). Information booths have been operational at these meetings so as to supplement and reinforce the information presented at the scientific sessions. As a consequence of these activities, the registry has now been implemented in more than 30 countries in four continents. The Evidence-based Treatment Guidelines have also been presented and discussed by Richard Mattson at the Asian-Oceanian Epilepsy Congress in Japan in September.

Planned Commission activities for 2003

The Sub-commission on Long-term Efficacy and Tolerance of AEDs is organizing a workshop entitled “Long-term efficacy and tolerance of AEDs” to be held in Milwaukee, USA on January 31st. The result of the workshop is expected to be summarized in a publication.

The Commission has submitted proposals for two sessions and one course for the 25th IEC in Tunis, Tunisia October 2003.

The Commission is in the process of organizing a course on “Pharmacological Management of the Epilepsies” July 9-19 in San Servolo, Venice, Italy in collaboration with the Commission on European Affairs. This will be the second course in the Venice Epilepsy Summer School series and is part of the educational activities of the International School of Neurological Sciences of Venice. The course is primarily targeting physicians who are pursuing their training or are already specialists in neurology or pediatrics and who wish to refine their skills in the pharmacological management of the epilepsies. Sub-commission workshops are planned to take place during the San Servolo course.

The Sub-commission on Evidence-based Treatment Guidelines is expected to finalize a manuscript on recommendations on the optimal choice of pharmacological treatment of children and adults with epilepsy, which eventually is also intended for publication on the ILAE web site.

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