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Commission on Neurobiology

Commission Members

Massimo Avoli
Montreal, Canada

Michael Gutnick
Rehovot, Israel
Uwe Heinemann
Berlin, Germany
John Jefferys
West Midlands, UK
Pavel Mares
Prague, Czech Republic
Dan McIntyre
Ottawa, Canada
Yoshiya L. Murashima
Tokyo, Japan
Astrid Nehlig
Cedex, France
Luisa Rocha
Mexico City, Mexico
Phillip Schwartzkroin
California, USA
Roberto Spreafico
Milano, Italy
Annamaria Vezzani
Milano, Italy
Claude Wasterlain
California, USA

Main Activities
To promote and assist sub- or interregional coordinated actions aimed at developing education, healthcare and research in the field of epilepsy by groups of countries that for common historical, cultural and linguistic backgrounds are naturally prepared to collaborate.

  1. The WONOEP (Workshop on the Neurobiology of the Epilepsies), organized by Christophe Bernard, Ed Bertram and Rene Pumain was held as a Satellite Symposium of the International Epilepsy Congress in 2005 in France.
  2. A symposium on basic aspects of the epilepsies was organized by Y Murashima and held in September 2004 during the AO Epilepsy Congress in Bangkok, Thailand.
  3. The Commission also supported and actively participated in the San Servolo Summer Course on Epilepsy, Venice, Italy, in July 2005. The directors of the course were Marco de Curtis and Esper Cavalheiro.

Esper Cavalheiro, Co-chair
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Asla Pitkanen, Co-chair
Kuopo, Finland

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