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2010 Chapter Reports

Belgian League against Epilepsy

11 January 2010 - Brussels
04 October 2010 - Brussels

Summary of activities in 2009-2010
Activities are carried out by the Flemish League against Epilepsy and the Walloon League Against Epilepsy.
• The 4th Epilepsy Day was organized in 2009. The event took place in Brussels with 250 participants. This Epilepsy Day was coordinated by Prof. Dr. Anna Jansen (University Brussels) and Dr. Schmedding (University Brussels). The program topics were: Children with Epilepsy Plus; Children with Epilepsy and A Normal Development; Heredity and Pregnancy; Epilepsy in The Family; Practical Advice Concerning Work and Driving License. There was also a separate program for young people from the age of 14 to 25 years.
• The Flemish League Against Epilepsy also published a book ‘Epilepsy – Did You Think You Were Alone’ which was presented at the end of Epilepsy Day. The book portrays 12 families who live with epilepsy. Besides the testimonies and pictures of the people, the book also provides practical advice. All the participants of Epilepsy Day received a copy.
• In 2009 the course ‘Electroencephalography and Evoked Potentials’ started. This course was addressed to students in neurology, specialized nurses and laboratory assistants. The course was limited to a maximum of 25 participants and was fully booked. The course consisted of 11 lessons given by neurologists (epilepsy specialist) in Flanders and Brussels.
• The Flemish League Against Epilepsy and the Flemish Contact Groups for people with epilepsy have an intensified cooperation. In 2010 the first joint magazine (Epikrant) was published. The Epikrant is a quarterly magazine with professional and practical information and personal testimonies about epilepsy.
• The Flemish League Against Epilepsy has published three newsletters. This is a summary regarding a specific topic that is sent to all neurologist, pediatric neurologists, neurosurgeons and neuropsychiatrists in Brussels and Flanders. The topics of the newsletters in 2009-2010 were: Epilepsy and the Elderly; Epilepsy; and Heredity and Treatment of Epilepsy with Nevus Vagus Stimulator. In December 2010 there will also be a newsletter about the new legislation regarding the driving license
• The website has been renewed. The homepage became an interactive page with news items. This published information is also digitally sent to members by means of Epiflashes. Two new sections were added to the website: publications and sponsoring. The section ‘Publications’ gives an overview of the scientific articles published by the members of the General Assembly of the Flemish League against Epilepsy. The other section explains sponsorship and possibilities to financially support the Flemish League against Epilepsy.
• The French speaking League Against Epilepsy has published one newsletter.
• In June 2009 and 2010, the “3rd and 4th Workshop on Epilepsy Semiology" was organized by the French speaking League Against Epilepsy. Topics were Status Epilepticus and Occipital Epilepsies.
• A training course in epilepsy will be posted on the web in mid-December (first course). It was designed by the French speaking League against Epilepsy and the Circle of Epilepsy
• Many public lectures and discussion group meeting have been made in the antennas of the French speaking League Against Epilepsy.
Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
Campaign: Out of the Shadow
• The book ‘Epilepsy – Did You Think You Were Alone?’ was made in collaboration with photographer Patrick De Kuysscher. He also works for a major national newspaper called: Het Nieuwsblad. Therefore there was an article published in this newspaper called: ‘40.000 People Have Epilepsy but the Taboo Remains’.
• There was also communication in Klasse (a journal for parents) about five tall stories around epilepsy.
• The National Epilepsy Day, in November 2009 and 2010 at the University Hospital St Luc was a great success for access to information for social service workers and patients. Reports have been published in newspaper (La Dernière Heure, Femme d’aujourd’hui) and an interview was broadcast on the radio Bel RTL.

Educational activities
The educational activity was the course ‘Electroencephalography and evoked potentials’. The 11 lessons concern following topics:
• Principles of Neuroanatomy - Dr Van Zandijcke
• Principles of Neurophysiology - Dr Schmedding
• The electroencephalogram (EEG) - Dr Mercelis
• Application of EEG in Neurology and Psychiatry - Dr Hauman
• EEG in Epilepsy and Disturbance of Consciousness - Prof Dr Boon
• EEG in Emergency Admittance and Intensive Care - Prof Dr Vonck
• EEG with Children - Dr Goossens
• Polysomnografie and Inquiry of Sleep - Prof Dr Pevernagie
• Neurophysiology of Evoked Potentials - Prof Dr Boon
• Digital EEG - Prof Dr Lagae
• Practical Demonstration and Individual Exercise of EEG – EP and Sleep Inquiry - Prof Dr Boon

Activities in conjunction with local IBE Affiliate
The local IBE Affiliate for Belgium is Mrs. Van Daele Claudine. She is the social worker for the East-Flanders district and also member of the Flemish League against Epilepsy. Mrs Van Daele was also an important member of the organizing committee for the 4th Epilepsy Day. Mrs Van Daele and Mrs Rosanne Blomme-Dorme (Contact Group of East-Flanders) went to the 12th European Conference on Epilepsy & Society in Porto. They will make a report that will be published in the Epikrant.

Future plans
The Belgian League against Epilepsy will organize a professional scientific symposium on 18.06.2010.
There will be a reunion for the participants of the eighth course of the ‘Electroencephalography and Evoked Potentials’.

Officer Election Date
January 11 2010

Report By
Dr. Schmedding Eric

Brasilian League Against Epilepsy

Journal of Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology

Bi-Annual Brasilian Congress of Epilepsy

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
XXXIII Brasilian Congress of Epilepsy

Officer Election Date
5 June 2010

Report By
Veriano Alexandre Jr , President 2010-2012

Cameroonian League Against Epilepsy

Callixte Kuate, Salomon Mbahe, Séraphin Nguefack, Pierre-Yves Bassong, Julius Fonsah, Yannick Fogang, Elie Mbonda, Alfred Njamnshi. Étiologies et facteurs de risque des épilepsies de l’adulte : l’expérience de l’Hôpital Central de Yaoundé (Cameroun). Epilepsies 2010 ; 22 :74-8.

12 March 2010 and 7 November 2010

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
• 17 June 2009: The Constitution Meeting of the Cameroonian League Against Epilepsy was held at the headquarters of the Cameroon Medical Council. The draft Constitution and Bylaws was amended and adopted by the participants. The members of the Executive Committee were elected by the General Assembly.
• 6 July 2009: The Divisional Officer of the Mfoundi Division (Yaoundé, Cameroon) signed the official Declaration of Creation of the CLAE.
• 1 January 2010: The ILAE Executive Committee decided to provisionally accept Cameroon candidature as an ILAE chapter.
• 12 March 2010: Admission of new members: Dr Victor SINI (consultant neurologist, Yaoundé Central Hospital), Dr Yacouba MAPOURE (consultant neurologist, Douala General Hospital), Dr FONDOP (Consultant neurosurgeon, Douala Laquintinie Hospital)
• May 2010: signing of the partnership between the Cameroonian League Against Epilepsy, the French League Against Epilepsy and other French-Speaking leagues. Our cooperation with the Senegalese League Against Epilepsy is very active, our common objectives are the creation of an ILAE Commission for African Affairs.
• 15 July 2010: Death of Dr Daniel Charles NDO BELINGA, 2nd Vice President in charge of national affairs of the Cameroonian League Against Epilepsy.

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
We have made several interventions for the sensitization of the population on radio and television by neurologist, psychiatrist and neuropediatrician members of the Cameroon League. The 1st Vice President has initiated collaboration with traditional healers at Batibo (South West region). Between 2000 and 2010, the number of neuroscience specialists working in Cameroon has increased with seven new neurologists, two neuropediatricians, three neurosurgeons, one psychiatrist. Our league is working on a project to reduce the treatment gap in the Mbam Valley (Centre region, Cameroon), a region of the highest prevalence in the world. This project is supported by Sanofi Aventis and the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health.

Educational activities
A train the trainers session was organized in Yaoundé Cameroon from 16 to 19 November 2007 for the francophone session of EUREPA. The 1st Cameroon Epilepsy Day was organized along with it. From 12 to 15 November 2008 the 18th Congress of the Pan African Association of Neurological Sciences was organized in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The main theme was Epilepsy. In 2009: two training session were organized at Yaoundé for nurses working in two private hospitals.

Activities in conjunction with local IBE affiliate
In Cameroon, an association of epileptic patients exists at Nyamanga, which is affiliated with the IBE. Another one has been created in Batibo and we collaborate with them, organizing training seminars. During the March 12th meeting it was decided to federate these associations, encouraged them to choose one president who will be their representatives in the Executive Committee of the CLAE.

Future Plans
Choose a National Epilepsy Day. Encourage the government to implement the strategic plan against epilepsy that was adopted in 2005. Organize a sensitization campaign in elementary and primary schools.,

Officer Election Date
Yet to be stated.

Report By
Dr Callixte KUATE TEGUEU, Secretary General


Chilean Chapter of ILAE

Revista Chilena de Epilepsia

XI Jornadas Invernales de Epilepsia

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010

Conducted monthly programs.
• December 2008 “Why is the person with seizures despite treatment? Why not using the new antiepileptic drugs?” by Dr Erna A. Rauch
• January 2009 “EEG patterns characteristic genetic syndromes" by Dr Loreto Ríos
• March 2009 “Influence psychiatric conditions the outcome of epilepsy surgery?" by Dr Ada Chicharro. “History of the Company” by Dr David Pearl
• April 2009 “Gelastic seizures: surgical case" in Keryma by Dr Acevedo.
• May 2009 “Surgery in cortical dysplasias: Clinical experience in the Condes." by Dr Manuel Campos. Comment by Dr Roger Gejman, neuropathologist, Catholic University. “Therapeutic approach in malformations of cortical development” by Dr Lilian Cuadra, Institute of Neurosurgery, Asenjo.
• July 2009 “Report of the International Epilepsy Congress held in Budapest” by Dra Perla David. Report included participation in Assembly Election; ILAE new directory; obtaining access to key online magazine; and update the Company's new directory on the ILAE website. “Quality of life in children with epilepsy compared with healthy children” by Dr Lucia Andrade.
• August 2009 "Epilepsy and depression" By Dr Juan Salinas
• September 2009 "Celebration of Latin-American Day Epilepsy." By Dr Marcelo Devilat "Epigenetics in epilepsy" by Dr Andrés Barrios.
• October 2009 “Update in Dravet syndrome. Presentation of two cases and experience of a parent.” Dr. Consuelo Gayoso (President of APADENE).
• November 2009 "Brief overview of the 100 meetings of the Society.” by Dr Marcelo Devilat. “Diagnostic and therapeutic evaluation of 638 children. Introduction and Research.” by Dr Marcelo Devilat. “Diagnostic and therapeutic evaluation of 638 children in the EU.” by Verónica Gómez. “Self-care protocol in the EU.” by Verónica Gómez.

This is the fourth year that this continuing education activity has taken place at the headquarters of the Society of Chile Epileptology every Wednesday starting October 14 and ending on 16 December. The Directors were Dra Perla David and Dr Juan Salinas. They are currently sponsored by the University of Chile and in the process of academic accreditation as a continuing education course. The program was developed by neurologists and psychiatrists belonging to our Society. The topics discussed contribute to improving general practitioners and scholars of Neurology. Evaluation as in previous years has been positive and we plan to continue with it, renewing the issues and changing schedules to provide assistance.

The IX Winter Days Epilepsy was held 12 & 13 June 2009 at the Hotel Neruda. Dr Nelly Chiofalo Santini was commemorated in the 100 years of the International League Against Epilepsy and the 10-year Epileptology Society of Chile. International guests were Prof. Dr Alberto Lazarowski (Argentina) and Prof. Dr Alexis Arzimanoglou (France), in addition to the participation of our national speakers, most of them also members of our Society. Specialists and scholars presented 30 research papers in the poster section. The event was attended by 153 people, mostly doctors.

Revista Chilena de Epilepsia, the official publication of the Society, Dr Pearla David, editor. This year marks the 10th volume of this journal. It presents original works, case reports, review papers and updates. It is currently in the application process and has achieved Scielo sponsorship for the annual increase in numbers was required. The journal is found on www.revistachilenadeepilepsia.cl website. Dr Ledia Troncoso joined the editorial board, which has been a great contribution to this publication.

Our website, www.epilepsiadechile.com, is available to members and the general public. You can find information about the Society and issues related to epilepsy, in the following sections:
1) Directory
2) Partners
3) Winter Conference Epilepsy
4) References (bibliographical references on Epilepsy)
5) Publications (Revista Chilena de Epilepsia and Standards)
6) Photo gallery
7) For medical Tribune
8) The patients Tribune
9) Links to ILAE, IBE, WHO and MINSAL
10) Latin American Epilepsy Day.
The Web site has played an important role for college students who are the most frequent users asking for references and information, In addition there are various contributions from patients through their relatives.

On 9 September Epilepsy Day was celebrated in Latin America. One of the events is organized by the Chilean League Against Epilepsy, which was attended by Dr David Pearla, President of the Epileptology Society of Chile, along with ministry officials and hosts. At our meeting on 12 September, Dr David Pearla held a commemoration of Latin American Epilepsy Day.

Winter X Epilepsy Conference scheduled for 11 and 12 June 2010. The Conference is entitled: "Epilepsy: Diagnosis, surgical treatment and neuroplasticity”. The Organizing Committee invites you to engage stakeholders, through original works that can be sent to the Web site Epileptology Society of Chile.

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010

Educational activities

Activities in conjunction with local IBE affiliate
The Society maintains contact with the Society of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, the Society of Psychiatry and Neurology, Children and Adolescents, the Chilean Society of Pediatrics and the Association of Leagues Against Epilepsy, Chile (ANLICHE)

Future Plans
Consenso in epileptic syndromes in Chile course, Chilean Bureau, ILAE-Chapter; Resistant Epilepsy group in Chile from Chilean ILAE Chapter; Multi-centric Study of Epilepsy

Officer Election Date
December 2010

Report By
Dra Perla David President Chilean ILAE Chapter


China Association Against Epilepsy

Green Book of Prevention and Control of Epilepsy in China, The Consensus on the application of antiepileptic drugs before and after epilepsy surgery (Pilot version)

Congress of CAAE members' representatives (Election of the 2nd council)

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
1. Celebrating the 3rd and 4th International Epilepsy Caring Day (IECD) 28 June, including public education activities in most provinces in China, voluntary diagnosis/treatment, multi-mass media publicities, etc.
2. The 3rd Beijing International Epilepsy Forum (BIEF) was held in Beijing in November 2009; and the 2nd National Conference of EEG and Neurophysiology was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province in May 2010.
3. Professor Shichuo Li was re-elected as President of CAAE.
4. The ASEPA-ASNA EEG Certification Examination (Part I & II) was conducted. Results are generally satisfactory.
5. The number of the newly established provincial epilepsy associations increased to ten.
6. 2010-2011 Biennial WHO Collaborative projects started in Tibetan population in Sichuan Province;

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
1. Follow-up study for the GCAE Demonstration Project (2001-04) has been completed.
2. Continuing implementation of the Project of "Epilepsy Prevention and Control Management in Rural China" in 15 provinces, covering more than 40 million people and 30,000 people with epilepsy(PWE) are under free treatment with Phenobarbital.
3. The funding from the central government to this project will be doubled next year and another three provinces will join in this project (totally 18 provinces by 2011).

Educational Activities
1. Six training courses in collaboration with ASEPA were conducted in China in 2009-10.
2. Training courses of the "Clinical guidelines for epilepsy diagnosis and treatment" were conducted in nine more cities (totally 29 cities).
3. National EEG training material is underwritten.

Activities in conjunction with local IBE Affiliate
See above (IECD activities);
A formal Branch of the CAAE concerning the IBE function has been prepared to apply for approval by MOH and Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Future Plans
1. 4th Beijing International Epilepsy Forum (BIEF) is planned for 22 – 25 September 2011. The role of traditional Chinese medicine in epilepsy treatment and psychosis with epilepsy will be two "sub-forums" in the 4th BIEF.
2. 2nd ASEPA-ASNA EEG Certification Examination will be conducted in April 2011.
3. ILAE Summer Course will be held in Sichuan Province in July or August 2011.
4. Symposium on development and construction of local epilepsy organizations will be held in 2011.
5. Three ASEPA training courses will be held in 2011.

Officer Election Date
November 2013

Reported by
Shichuo Li, President, CAAE

Greek League Against Epilepsy

• 5th Epilepsy Panhellenic Congress, Crete – Chania, 4 – 6 November 2009
• National Greek Seminar Against Epilepsy, Rhodes , 26 June 2010

Summary of Activities in 2010 and 2007
5th Epilepsy Panhellenic Congress: 350 participants seven round tables, one video session, four satellite symposia, one workshop on photosensitivity, two lectures, 32 abstracts, 26 International Invited Speakers, 40 Greek Invited Speakers. Summary of Activities in National Greek Seminar against Epilepsy: 96 participants, three Round tables, one satellite lecture, one session with oral presentations, six abstracts, 18 Invited Speakers

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
During the 5th Panhellenic Congress, the Global Campaign, in collaboration with the GR NAE, conducted a two hour round table with four speakers from several fields. The chair of the Global Campaign was Mr. Philippe Lee. Around 100 participants joined the campaign.

Educational activities
Educational Activities during 2009:
•5th Educational Workshop: Myoclonic, Seizures and Syndromes in Limni Plastira, Greece, 21 February 2009
•6th Educational Workshop: Greek-Turkish Chapters Workshop: 04 June 2009, Istanbul - Turkey. Absence seizures/syndromes across the ages, 50 participants joined the aforementioned events.
•During the 5th Panhellinc Congress, the Board of the Greek Chapter gave the chance to five interns to participate in the congress free of charge.

Educational Activities during 2010:
•7th Educational Workshop: Neuroimaging on Epilepsy in Nafplio, Greece, 13 March 2010. Fifty participants joined the event
•During the Greek Seminar in Rhodes, the Board of the Greek Chapter gave the chance to twelve interns to participate to the congress free of charge.

Future Plans
•Educational Seminars (5).
In details: One (1) during 2010 (is already confirmed and will take place in Volos from 19 to 21 of November 2010), two (2) during 2011, two (2) during 2012 Panhellenic Epilepsy Congresses (2) In Details: One (1) during 2011 (is already confirmed and will take place in Thessaloniki from 24 – 26 of June 2010. One (1) during 2012
•Financial Support to Neurology Interns by participating in the aforementioned events free of charge • Scholarships of young investigators.
• Improvement of the GR LAE website
• Research Programs

Officer Election Date
26 June 2010

Report By
A. Covanis


Hungarian Epilepsy League – (HEL)

Guideline of Epilepsy Care, by V. Juhos, K. Hollody and J. Janszky (eds.). 2010.

In 2009: Meeting of HEL, as a Section of the Hungarian Clinical Neurophysiologic Society Conference, Kalocsa..
In 2010: Meeting of HEL, Kecskemet.

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
In 2009, the 28th International Epilepsy Congress was held in Budapest. It was a great challenge for the HEL to help organize a successful and memorable Centenarian Congress, in association with the ILAE. In 2010, we published the new detailed form of the Epilepsy Protocol (Guideline of Epilepsy Care). The protocol contains the diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation and care giving recommendations, and defines the rules of personal and institutional conditions of epilepsy care.

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
Patronizing and supporting the Valentine Epilepsy Days every year on 14 February. Publications for patients and their families about epilepsy.

Educational activities
Regular educational courses and workshops on epilepsy in Győr (yearly). Teaching courses, about modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods in epilepsy, Budapest. The HEL announced a competition for the Donath prize. The aim of the award is to inspire the scientifically, and educational activities of the young physicians, students, and medical specialists in the field of epilepsy.

Activities in conjunction with local IBE affiliate
The Association for the Future of People with Epilepsy in Hungary has been a member of the IBE since 2007. Continue helping the activity of the organization, having an umbrella function and coordinating the local societies. Patronizing the Valentine Epilepsy Days.

Future Plans
To continue the regular educational courses. To elaborate the new standards of the quality control, to the epilepsy care in Hungary.

Officer Election Date

Report By
J. Jerney, Z. Szupera


Iraqi Chapter Against Epilepsy

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
It is mandatory to explain the situation for 2009 since the security conditions were very critical starting from 2006 to 2009 when majority of Iraqi physcians including all members of the chapter were forced to leave the country. Thus there were no activities for that period apart from sporadic activities in form of lectures given at the end of 2009 by Dr Akram Al-mahdawi and Dr Ghaieb Bashar Aljandeel, who both returned to the country on 2009.

At the beginning of 2010 Prof Dr Abdul-muttalib Abdil kareem was recently returning to Baghdad and by a suggestion from Prof Dr Sarmad Alfahad. Since the previous president of the chapter was still outside the country, elections were carried on in March 2010 to choose a new executive committee for the Chapter and the new Chapter began its activities then. The new president Prof Dr Abdul-Muttalib Abdil-kareem started an active and ambitious program for the chapter:

1- It was decided to carry on regular monthly meetings at a fixed time, that is on last Thursday of each month to present a series of lectures about the different aspects of epileptology, these meetings would be hosted at different hospitals in Baghdad or in Iraq, each time in a different place to let medical population be in contact with epilepsy!

2- A scientific committee was chosen to arrange for meetings and conferences

3- A committee of announcement was chosen to arrange with different social organizations and media to help in public education and assist in social orientation about epilepsy

The scientific activities so far included the following events:

1 - A symposium was held on 24th of March at Al-Kindi Col lege of Medicine when five talks were presented as follows:

   i-Management of refractoty epilepsy- Dr Zaki Almosawi

   ii-Recent antiepileptic drug therapy  - Dr Ghaieb B Aljaneel

   iii-Surgical treatment of epilepsy - Dr Anwar Noori

   iv-Women issues in epilepsy - Dr Hyder Kadhum

   v- A talk on Depakine Chrono -  Dr Sarmwd Almashta

2 - A meeting was held and a lecture was given 26th of May (the last Wednesday of the month) at The Central Hospital for Children: The role of EEG in classification and diagnosis of Epileptic syndromes- Dr Ghaieb Bashar Aljandeel This was followed by a discussion led by dr Ghaieb Bashar Aljandeel

3 - A meeting was held and a lecture on 30th of June (the last wednesday of the mont h) in Baghdad Medical City (Baghdad College of Medicine):

Diagnostic Pitfalls of EEG- Dr Ghaieb Bashar Aljandeel This was followed by a nice discussion led by Prof Dr Abdil-Muttalib. the president of the chapter

4 - A meeting was held on last Thursday of July 29-7-2010 at Hospital of Neurosurgery in south baghadad; two lectures were presented on

'Pseudoseizures': 1st lecture on psychiatric aspect of 'Pseudoseizures" presented by Dr Nea'ma a consultant psychiatrist And a 2nd lecture on neurologic aspect 'pseusoseizures, practical points' presented by Dr Ghaieb Bashar Aljandeel


Israeli League Against Epilepsy

As follows

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
Annual Meetings:
• January 2009. Guest speaker: Gregory L. Holmes
• January 2010. Guest speaker: Simon Shorvon (Number of participants – 213)
Additional Meetings:
• Loss of consciousness: Epileptic vs. cardiac (joint venture with the Israeli Cardiology Association – 300 participants)
• EEG workshops (4 hours with 50 participants)
• X 2 (May 2009 and February 2010)
• New Development in Epilepsy. 10.5.2010 (five guest speakers: S. Berkovic, E Andermann, F. Andermann, R. Rikonen, M. Sperling)

Activities in conjunction with local IBE affiliate
Consultation on local IBE Web (scientific part, Q & A)

Officer Election Date
20 January 2011

Report By
Uri Kramer


Jamaican League Against Epilepsy

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
• 2009 was a busy year for the JLAE following the success of the First North American Regional Caribbean Congress on Epilepsy in May 2008. Regular teleconferences of the North American Commission took place, attended by Dr Ali, representing the JLAE and the affiliated Caribbean physicians.
• In February 2009 the Epilepsy Pre-surgical Evaluation Group (EPSEG) at the Mona Campus of the University Hospital of the West Indies was formally launched by the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor E. Nigel Harris, who commended the group on making a major step forward in dealing with a disorder much in need of advancement in care in the Caribbean. Since then we have had regular meetings of the EPSEG and although surgeries have not yet commenced, important management decisions regarding medical management and further investigations are regularly achieved, as well as excellent academic discussions.
• In April 2009, the JLAE was proud to host a week-long visit by Professors Dennis and Susan Spencer. During this busy week they met with the JLAE as well as paid courtesy calls on the Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Professor A. McDonald, the Principal, Professor G. Shirley and the Vice-Chancellor of the University. They also formalized links with the Head of the Department of Neurosurgery Professor Ivor Crandon. Tours of the hospital then took place as well as teachings with residents. A CPC activity with Susan Spencer was well attended. Sadly Professor Susan Spencer passed away soon after and remains much missed by those whom she met here in Jamaica.
• In late April, Amza Ali, President of the JLAE, was invited to speak at the Annual Nathan Rifkinson Neurosurgical Symposium in Puerto Rico. This allowed him the opportunity to discuss the plans for a regional Epilepsy Society of the Caribbean (ESC). There was much interest in this.
• In July 2009 Dave Clarke, Visiting Professor to the JLAE and Amza Ali, made a visit to Antigua where lectures and clinical contact occurred. This was well received and plans are evolving to have them return regularly for clinical contact and an ongoing lecture schedule.
• Dave Clarke was also able to secure grant funding for the Secretary of the JLAE, Dr Roxanne Melbourne-Chambers, to proceed with a study on the use of a pediatric epilepsy questionnaire in Jamaica. She will present the data at the Second North American Regional Caribbean Congress on Epilepsy in 2010.
• In October 2009 Dr Ali also spent a week in Trinidad lecturing and teaching on epilepsy and informing the local medical community of the plans for an inclusive regional chapter, I.E. the ESC.
• In November 2009, Dr Ali and Dr Clarke attended the Caribbean Association of Neurosurgeons Annual Meeting in Puerto Rico where Dr Clarke gave a well received presentation on his work in epilepsy surgery. Later that month Drs Ali, Peter Johnson (radiologist) and Tammy Haynes-Robinson (neuropsychologist) visited Professor Dennis Spencer at Yale University in New Haven. There we put together our own protocol for Wada testing, based on the Yale method of as well as built relationships with the neuropsychology, neurosurgery and neurology groups there as we continue our efforts to develop an epilepsy surgical program in Jamaica for the Caribbean.
• The year 2010 started with a visit to Guyana in February by the President, Amza Ali, sponsored by the ILAE. There Dr Ali met with key health personnel including the Minister of Health, Dr Leslie Ramsammy. He also lectured to medical students, residents and consultant physicians on the topic of epilepsy. The visit was quite revealing as epilepsy in Guyana unlike most of the rest of the English-speaking Caribbean appears to have more infection-related epilepsy. The JLAE continues to grow with the addition of 15 members from Guyana. We hope that the Guyanese members will become fully involved in our Chapter’s activities especially as it evolves to become a regional Chapter.
• Monthly meetings of the Epilepsy Pre-surgical Evaluation Group (EPSEG) continue, strengthened by the return of neurosurgeon Professor Renn Holness from a distinguished career in Canada.
• Regular tele-meetings of the North American Regional Commission continue to take place, attended by Dr Amza Ali, JLAE President. A face-to-face Commission meeting took place at the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting in Toronto in April 2010, also attended by Dr Ali.
• In May 2010 Dr Dave Clarke, Visiting Professor to the JLAE and a member of the JLAE, visited St Lucia and Barbados to lecture. He met with several key physicians in these islands and promoted regional integration through the activities of the JLAE and its planned transformation into the Epilepsy Society of the Caribbean (ESC).
• A paper on Seizures in Sickle Cell Disease in Jamaica authored by JLAE members Susanna and Amza Ali was accepted for publication in the British Journal of Haematology. The Ali’s also recently submitted a grant application to expand work in this area.
• Dr Ali is working with others in an activity of the International Affairs Commission of the AES, chaired by Professor Dennis Spencer, to develop a telemedicine facility to be physically sited in the Department of Neurosurgery at the University Hospital of the West Indies in Kingston. This initiative has been greatly facilitated by the interest and support of Professor Ivor Crandon, Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of the West Indies. It will link Yale and the EPSEG in Jamaica for regular case conferences, towards the development of a mentored epilepsy surgical program in Jamaica for the Caribbean.
• In this regard we were also very happy that the AES and ILAE have made it possible for Puerto Rico to be able to join the planned ESC as a full member. Their presence will undoubtedly strengthen the regional Chapter.
• In June 2010 Dr Ali visited Barbados to speak on epilepsy and to network further with physicians in Barbados. We believe that the Barbadian physicians will be essential to the success of our regional efforts to advance epilepsy care, particularly in regard to the surgical initiative.
• July 2010 finally saw the launch of the JLAE website (www.jlae.org). We are very pleased at this development which we know will increase the visibility and activity of the Chapter and help to promote the regionalization of our initiatives.
• In September 2010 Dr Ali was invited to lecture and teach residents in Trinidad where he again continued his efforts for regional integration for advancing epilepsy care. Drs Ali and Clarke also went to Antigua in October for lectures and clinical contact, evolving out of the success of last year’s visit by the two physicians. Twelve patients who had difficult management problems were seen by us. A wide spectrum of cases was seen, including sickle cell disease and epilepsy, malformations of cortical development and non-epileptic seizures. It can be said at this point there is a need to raise awareness about the plans to develop a Caribbean Regional Chapter of the ILAE as the ESC. In this regard Dr Clarke must be commended for his efforts to bring several of the Windward and Leeward islands of the Eastern Caribbean on board.
• Finally, the JLAE will host the Second North American Regional Caribbean Congress on Epilepsy (SNARCCE) to be held in Kingston, Jamaica 5 – 7 November. Apart from the academic and social activities, we are working to develop a truly representative Constitution that will ensure successful inter-island collaborations. This is part of the full application process for chapter membership in ILAE, which in addition to the constitution, includes bylaws, proof of incorporation, and description of epilepsy services in the area.. The full application will undoubtedly be made easier as we expand telemedicine services across the Caribbean and so function as one cohesive Society. These constitutional articles will be discussed on November 7 at a meeting of Caribbean physicians and the ILAE Executive, including its President, Professor Solomon Moshe, who will be a keynote speaker at the Congress.


Japan Epilepsy Society (JES)

Tenkan Kenkyu (published three times a year), Epilepsy & Seizure (published once a year)

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
The year 2009 was a year of remarkable developments both domestically and internationally compared to past years.
1. The 28th International Epilepsy Congress was held in Budapest from 28 June to 2 July 2009. A total of 37 papers (four oral presentations and 33 posters) were presented from JES. During the congress, the General Assembly of the ILAE was held and the new Executive Committee for the next four years was installed. Tatsuya Tanaka, then President of JES, assumed the office of First Vice-President.
2. The year 2009 also marked the change of office for the JES Board of Directors. The new Board was installed at the General Assembly held on 21 October 2009. After the out-going President Tatsuya Tanaka and the other directors departed office, the newly elected President Sunao Kaneko and the new Board of Directors were inaugurated. Sunao Kaneko, the new President, also served as a member of the Commission of Asian and Oceania Affairs for epilepsy problems.
3. The membership of JES has continued to increase, with an additional 175 members joining the Society since 1 December 2008. Especially, there is a constant increase in pediatricians, neurologists and neurosurgeons.
4. Thirty-five members passed the certification examination for “clinical specialist for epilepsy” in 2009. Including these newly certified, a total of 353 JES-certified clinical specialists for epilepsy are now practicing in Japan.
5. The 43rd Congress of JES was held in Hirosaki on 22 – 23 October 2009 under Chair, Sunao Kaneko. Over 800 participants actively took part in discussions. The 2nd Korean Epilepsy Society ‒ JES Joint Symposium was also held during the congress. It was decided that the 3rd symposium will be held in Seoul in June 2010.
6. As a post-congress program, the International Symposium on Pharmacogenomics in Epilepsy was held in Hirosaki. World renowned researchers in epilepsy presented their latest findings in 13 oral presentations and 10 posters.
7. JES has started the JES Sponsored Award. Starting March 2010, ten young JES members will be dispatched to France and other countries.
8. Two young researchers in the Asian and Oceania regions were supported by the JES Scholarship to receive training in Japan in 2009.

Prepared by
Masako Watanabe, Secretary General, Japan Epilepsy Society


Korean Chapter/Sang-Doe Yi

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
The 2010 Korean Pediatric Epilepsy Preceptorship
The 2010 Korean Epilepsy Society International Education Fellowship

Educational activities
The 2010 Korean Pediatric Epilepsy Preceptorship: The Korean Epilepsy Society has established a comprehensive three day course of an annual Pediatric Epilepsy Preceptorship program for Asian Pediatric Epilepsy Fellows and Junior faculties. This program, endorsed by the Pediatric Commission of the ILAE, co-branded by the Asian Epilepsy Academy of the ILAE, is held at Severance Hospital, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea from 11 to 13 November 2010. This program overviews the diagnosis, classification and management of seizures, current advances in pediatric epilepsy including new diagnostic methods, treatment options, and underlying pathophysiology.

The 2010 Korean Epilepsy Society International Education Fellowship: The Korean Epilepsy Society has established an annual fellowship program for promotion of epileptology in the Aian-Oceanian countries. Two young neurologists in adult and pediatric neurology were invited to attend the Korean Epilepsy Society annual meeting and to make a short visit for two months to a selected hospital epilepsy center (in this year, Severance Hospital, Yonsei University, Seoul) in Korea.

Officer Election Date
22 October 2007

Report By
Heung Dong Kim

Society of Epileptologists of Lithuania


Book for patients with epilepsy and their caregivers (32 pages, in 2009). Information leaflets for patients and their families: “Me and my epilepsy”, (for siblings), “West syndrome”.

“Safe and effective treatment of epilepsy” in March 2008, Kaunas; “Development of epileptology: from the beginning to the latest achievements” dedicated to the ILAE Centenary celebration in January 2010, Kaunas.

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
• Organization of annual conferences with participation of experts in the field from other countries.
• Organization of the special event devoted to the ILAE Centenary celebration and the conference “Development of epileptology: from the beginning to the latest achievements”, reviewing international and Lithuanian history of epileptology, current problems and perspectives.
• Co-organization of the 2nd Migrating Course on Epilepsy (with ILAE-CEA and EUREPA) on 1-8 June, 2008 in Trakai with 35 participants from 15 countries and 23 speakers.
• Two special sessions on epilepsy during the 6th Baltic Congress of Neurology in Vilnius, 14-16 May 2009 with participation of numerous outstanding speakers.
• Practical teaching course “EEG in epilepsy” with participations of international experts on 13 May, 2009 in Vilnius.
• Session and instructional course on epilepsy during 21st annual meeting of European Academy of Childhood Disability on 3-6 June, 2009 in Vilnius.
• Conference “Rare syndromes and orphan drugs in epilepsy” co-organized with Lithuanian Child Neurology Society in Dec 2009.
• Regular communication with the health authorities regarding availability of antiepileptic drugs and rehabilitation of patients with epilepsy.
• Participation in the working group to create new law of driving for people with epilepsy according to the directives of EU Commission (valid from 29 September 2010).
• Updated guidelines on management of epilepsy patients in Lithuania are in the process (started 2010).

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
Promotion of epilepsy-related problems by inviting mass media to the organized events and publishing in press. Activities related to the new law for driving and rehabilitation program.

Educational activities
• Annual conferences of Society and co-organized conferences.
• 2nd Migrating Course on Epilepsy, practical teaching course on EEG.
• Postgraduate courses on epilepsy for neurologists, pediatric neurologists and nurses at University Hospitals.

Activities in conjunction with local IBE affiliate
Priority – establishment and reorganization of rehabilitation in epilepsy. Special working group has been organized with participation of specialists (neurologists, rehabilitologist), patient organization LESIA (associate IBE member) and representatives of the Ministries of Health and of Social Affairs. Further development of cooperation with Bethel epilepsy center in Germany, visits of representatives of LESIA and representatives of German ILAE Chapter to Lithuania. Inter-university collaboration between Kaunas University of Medicine and Bielefeld University was established, research work on rehabilitation of patients with epilepsy was performed followed by defense of doctoral thesis. Grant provided for participation at IBE Congress (epilepsy nurse). Society grant supporting research in rehabilitation in epilepsy.

Future Plans
Organization of annual conferences of the chapter, education activities for health professionals. Further development of epilepsy rehabilitation program, EEG services and standards, patient education programs. Development of updated guidelines on treatment of epilepsy patients. Organization of European Day of Epilepsy in February 2011.

Officer Election Date

Report By
Nerija Vaiciene-Magistris


Macedonian League Against Epilepsy

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
• Journal Epilepsy, published twice a year in Macedonian and English
• Several local meetings on themes related to epilepsy

Educational activities
Regular CME meetings for young neurologist and residents with materials provided by World Federation of Neurology

Future Plans
• Further local educational meetings
• Possible organization of regional meeting on Stigma and Epilepsy

Officer Election Date

Report By
Emilija Cvetkovska, Vice-President

Malaysian Society of Neurosciences, Epilepsy Council

A total of five meetings in 2009-2010
• 13 January 2009,
• 16 March 2009,
• 19 May 2009,
• 23 August 2009,
• 22 May 2010

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
1. Updating the 2005 version of Consensus Guidelines on the Management of Epilepsy.
2. Raising awareness among non-neurologists on the danger of generic substitution of antiepileptic drugs, in line with American Association of Neurology guidelines.
3. Raising awareness among neurologists on the need for HLA-B*1502 testing in patients by setting up taskforce.
4. Exploring the possibilities of assigning the status of “Patient with Disability” to epileptic patients in Malaysia.
5. Launching of the Consensus Guidelines on the Management of Epilepsy 2010.

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
Raising public awareness of epilepsy as a disease and the treatment modalities available in both adult and pediatric via newsprint and audiovisual media.

Educational activities
A series of continuous medical educational programs was carried out: By Prof Dato Dr Raymond Azman Ali
1. “Current Status of Status Epilepticus” at the 8th Biennial Convention of the Asean Neurological Association (ASNA) & Neuroscience 2009, 20thAnnual Scientific Meeting of the Malaysian Society of Neurosciences, Berjaya Times Square Hotel and Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1-4 April 2009.
2. “Diagnosing epileptic seizures: fits or faints?” presented to the clinical students at the medical faculty of Universitias Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh, Indonesia, 13 April 2009.
3. “Current Trends in the Management of Epilepsy” at the GSK “Encouraged” Workshop for pharmacists from the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, Pelangi Beach Resort, 17 April 2009.
4. “Current Trends in the Management of Epilepsy” at the Half-Day Seminar on Neuropsychiatry for doctors from the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, Johor region, organized by Permai Hospital, Johor Bahru, Persada Johor International Convention Centre, Johor Bahru, 24 April 2009.
5. “Management of Epilepsy” at the continuing medical education session, Department of Neurology, Kuala Lumpur Hospital, 15 June 2009.
6. “Definition and Classification of Status Epilepticus” at the Asian Epilepsy Academy (ASEPA), Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, 25 July2009.
7. “Overview of Epilepsy” at the Monthly CME of the Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, 30 July 2009.
8. “Status Epilepticus” at the Neurology Update of the Neurology Unit of the Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, 30 July 2009.
9. “Adult onset epilepsy: seizure semiology and management” at the Traders Hotel, Muarto the doctors and pharmacists of Muar, Segamat and Batu Pahat Hospitals, 13 November 2009.
10. Delivered a lecture entitled “Semiology and Management of Adult Epilepsy” at the Neurology Seminar 2009, Tuanku Ampuan Afzan Hospital, Kuantan, Pahang, 4 December 2009.
11. “Management of the first epileptic seizure” at the Medical Department CME, Putrajaya Hospital, 11 December 2009.
12. “Review of intravenous levetiracetam in seizure emergencies”, Dinner Symposium on Seizure Emergencies, Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, 6 March 2010.
13. “Antiepileptic drug and Epilepsy management update” to the pharmacists at Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital, Kota Bharu, 15 March 2010.
14. “Old and new antiepileptic drugs: quality of life of patients with epilepsy” to 150 neurologists, neurosurgeons, paediatricians and psychiatrists in Hanoi, Vietnam, organized by the Neurological Association of Vietnam & GlaxoSmithKline (Vietnam), 13 March 2010.
15. “Old and new antiepileptic drugs: quality of life of patients with epilepsy” to 200 neurologists, neurosurgeons, pediatricians and psychiatrists in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, organized by the Neurological Association of Vietnam & GlaxoSmithKline (Vietnam), 14 March 2010.
16. “Special issues in epilepsy management” at the Janssen-Cilag Epilepsy Meeting, Shangri La Hotel, Putrajaya, Malaysia, 27 March 2010.
17. “Special issues in epilepsy management” at the Janssen-Cilag Lunch Symposium, An Update Of Pediatric Neurology 2010, Penang Hospital, Malaysia, 17 July 2010.
18. “Special issues in epilepsy management” at the Neurology Update 2010 of Hospital Raja Perempuan Bainun, Ipoh, Malaysia, 30 July 2010.
19. “Special Issues in Epilepsy Management” at the 5th Conference in Internal Medicine 2010, Grand Riverview Hotel, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia, 8-9 August 2010. By Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Hui Jan
20. “Neuro Update” in Hospital Kuala Lumpur, 12 March 2010.
21. “Epilepsy Disorders”, 30 April 2010, organized by Easai.
22. “Status epilepticus” lecture during Malaysian Society of Neuroscience Annual Meeting in Kota Kinabalu 21-23 May 2010.
23. “Treatment of women with epilepsy” during MSN GSK-Merck National Neurology Update. Pulau Redang 18-20 June 2010.

Future Plans
1. To hold the 2nd symposium/workshop on awareness of epilepsy to school counselors and teachers in 2011.
2. To enhance the campaign against the use of generic AEDs among doctors and pharmacists.
3. To continue public awareness of epilepsy in public forums and through the mass media.

Officer Election Date
June 2012

Report By
Annie Tan, Secretariat

Malian Ligue Aigaint épilepsy (LMCE)

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
During the period July 2009 to June 2010, LMCE has conducted activities according to its mandate focusing on the following axes:
1. Recognition and visibility at national and international level. After its creation in July 2007, the LMCE follows its objective of institutional recognition at national and international level. We asked and obtained our admission as a chapter of the international League against Epilepsy in July 2009.
2. Training. In conformity with its mandate, the LMCE has initiated many training sessions toward three different target population that are involved in the fight against epilepsy in Mali.

Educational activities
1. Training of health care workers.
A post university teaching has been organized in Bamako (capital-town) on the treatment of epilepsy and presented to 70 physicians of Bamako teaching hospitals. In the other regions, three training sessions on the management of epilepsy cases have been organized in the following towns: Kayes, Kati and Ségou. About twenty medical doctors and nurses were present by region. La LMCE, dans le cadre de sa participation aux activités de l’Association des médecins de campagne du Mali, est intervenue régulièrement dans le programme de formation des médecins exerçant en zone rurale du pays.
2. Training of the community.
Raising awareness, communication and education on the theme epilepsy at school was organized in all of the primary schools of Kati. More than 120 teachers and 2000 pupils were reached.
3. Training of traditional healers
To begin the collaboration with traditional healers, we undertook a series of work and contacting with the quacks of the city of Bamako. An activity concerning the therapeutic approach to the epilepsies was done. In this frame, we have reached 150 traditional healers that are organized in Association. We plan to begin a campaign of raising awareness among this group in 2011.
4. Raising awareness
Talks and debate were organized monthly, by members of the LMCE in the department of Pediatrics Gabriel Touré Teaching Hospital-Bamako, to the relatives of children, epileptic or not, to improve their knowledge and acceptance of the disease. Moreover, in 2010, the town of Kati, 20 kilometers from Bamako, was chosen to be the site of information and raising awareness campaigns for pupils and teachers.
5. Care
To appreciably improve the accessibility to quality care, the LMCE undertook several activities in the following axes:
• Raising awareness in the private pharmacies: The LMCE took steps with some pharmacies in Bamako, to improve the availability of antiepileptic medicines.
• Partnerships with foreign NGOs: To improve the accessibility to medicines for patients with low income, partnerships were introduced and must be researched. So, the LMCE started a partnership with the association “Sabugnuman” from Saint-Sébastien in France which helps to take care of epileptic children in trouble. Presently the project is in its beginning and we have about ten epileptic children completely taken in charge.
• Support to research: Several doctoral theses in medicine were introduced in association with the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry of Bamako. These theses concern essentially community studies “knowledge and attitude of the population toward epilepsy” or “epilepsy in schools”. Others concerning “Epilepsy and road safety” and “epilepsy and traditional medicine” are in progress. Besides, works concerning the etiology of epilepsy in Mali brought insight on this point. This research is about neurocysticercosis, epilepsy during HIV infection, and epilepsy during cerebral malaria.
6. Met difficulties
The LMCE is a young organization with very limited means that constitute an important barrier for the implementation of the strategies in the fight against the epilepsy. So, the LMCE does not presently have an operating budget.

Future Plans
During year 2011, besides the current activities on raising awareness and training, the LMCE plans to widen its field of action with the following items:
• Implement regional committees to pursue the work of the LMCE at local level.
• Establish the week of epilepsy in Mali.
• Pursue the work with traditional medicine.
• Pursue the discussion on traditional medicine with the aim of the implementation of a work platform.
• We intend to reinforce our fight in 2010 - 2011. However we have difficulties in settin up our activities because of our very limited financial means.

Officer Election Date

July 2012

Report By
Dr Youssoufa MAIGA, MD, General Secretary


Epilepsy Society of Malta

Contributions to Atlas of Epilepsy (Springer) and WHO Euro Report

20 February 2010: National Conference in conjunction with Caritas Malta Epilepsy Association

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
• Advocacy and promotion about epilepsy in Malta
• Promoting epilepsy research in Europe through FP7 national contact point
• Participation in national and international epilepsy and medical conferences
• Improving therapy and other facilities for persons with epilepsy in Malta

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
Contributor to WHO Euro Report 2010

Educational activities
• Lectures on epilepsy for medical, pharmacy, social work, nursing students at the University of Malta.
• Lectures on epilepsy to various disability organizations in Malta

Activities in conjunction with local IBE affiliate
National Epilepsy Conference with over 200 participants; presentations on TV and radio stations; press releases; training for teachers in conjunction with Ministry of Education; training for police officers in conjunction with Police Academy; talks in schools.

Future Plans
Updates of educational video updates of educational leaflets research on epidemiology of epilepsy in Malta

Officer Election Date

Report By
Janet Mifsud

Mongolian Epilepsy Society

• “Some influencing factors of epilepsy in 0-7 aged children”. The Journal of Health Sciences University, 2010 (3)
• “Febrile seizure and its influencing factors”. The Journal of Health Sciences University, 2010 (3)

October 2009, May 2010

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
Executive Board meeting every six months; Social awareness activities in four provinces and two districts; International exchange activities (Epilepsy center in Erlangen, Epilepsy summer course in San Servolo).

Educational activities
Improving epilepsy education among the population; Advances in diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy; Quality of life with epilepsy patients

Activities in conjunction with local IBE affiliate
In 2009 and 2010, the Mongolian Epilepsy Association provided the “Quality of Life” program in several provinces.

Future Plans
National epilepsy and EEG/Electrophysiology Conference in May 2011; Continue “Quality of Life” program for all provinces and major settlements

Officer Election Date
June 2012

Report By
A Tovuudorj, MD, Secretary General

Nigeria League Against Epilepsy

24 – 25 November 2010

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
• Inaugural Meeting and Scientific Conference 20 May 2009.
• School Educational Programs Community Neurology Projects (Ongoing)
• Numerous Radio Programs

Educational activities
Two scientific conferences May 2009, November 2010 Secondary School Awareness Programs

Future Plans
Continue school awareness programs in 3-5 schools in 2011; collaboration between state chapters on research; collaboration with the international body on research; advocacy; bi monthly radio programs

Officer Election Date
2012 (at the Congress)

Report By
Dr Ezeala-Adikaibe Birinus

Epilepsy Association of Pakistan

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
Epilepsy-related activities (public health awareness, patient-care, academic etc) in Pakistan have been going on since 1985 when the country’s first formal epilepsy clinic was started at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi. Since then, most of the active members of Epilepsy Association of Pakistan (EAP) have been involved in various epilepsy-related activities evolving into the Comprehensive Epilepsy Control Program of Pakistan (CECP) and the National Epilepsy Centre (NEC). Both these needed a special platform of a non-governmental organization (NGO) for purpose of continuity and sustainability. The volunteers for all these activities are members of EAP. However there are others whose contribution is on an individual basis. The presence and activities of the NGO run CECP & NEC are in fact the main activities of EAP. EAP, through the auspices of CECP, primarily focused on public awareness of epilepsy. Continued medical education and training of primary-care physicians, especially those who are practicing in the remote areas of the country and are usually the first epilepsy-care providers, was targeted.

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010

Public Health Awareness (ongoing established activity since 2001) has been the prime goal and consistent awareness activities have helped in acceptability of epilepsy as a treatable disorder and stigma reduction. Awareness through electronic & print media, specially designed awareness posters & stickers for vehicles, billboards and graffiti was targeted; some of the prominent activities are detailed below.
• Epilepsy Awareness Posters: Specially designed large sized illustrated posters are being used for epilepsy awareness among school children, teachers and the masses of the entire country for more than five years. In the year 2009-2010, 13188 posters in the National (Urdu) and regional languages were affixed in schools, madrassahs (traditional schools) and prominent public places like chemists, banks, railway stations, intercity bus stands etc. of more than 40 big and small cities/towns with and covering their adjacent villages. It is estimated that approximately 3.1 million students and teachers and an unaccountable number of population were exposed to this awareness campaign.
• Free Epilepsy Camps: Four Free Epilepsy Camps in small towns of Sindh and Punjab provinces were held. A total of 985 epilepsy patients were given free consultation and counseling. In 2009-2010 this activity took a backseat due to the security problems in the country. Free epilepsy camp is one of the most important epilepsy awareness activities in which not only quality consultation and advice is provided but also marks the setting up of a Satellite Epilepsy Centre for near-home epilepsy care and epilepsy awareness in the Free Camp catchment area. A well chalked out, intensive and effective week long pre-camp epilepsy awareness campaign using handbills, posters, print media, cable TV, mosques, loudspeaker mounted vehicle, graffiti is exposed to ~ 1.2 million general public in a free camp area.
• Awareness Graffiti & Billboards: Through this activity approximately five million people in various cities and towns of the country were exposed to the message “Epilepsy is medically treatable. It is not due to djinn, witchcraft, sorcery, evil eye or other supernatural causes. Contact your doctor for treatment”.

Epilepsy Services at National Epilepsy Centre, Karachi is an NGO run facility at a tertiary-care public hospital.
• Patient Consultation: A total of 1,542 new patients were registered during 2009-2010 and monthly follow up consultations to the patients was provided.
• Drug Bank: Non-compliance due to cost is the main problem faced in a poor-resourced country like Pakistan. To overcome this, the Drug Bank at NEC provided a regular supply (first-line & some second-line AEDs with additional B-Complex, Folic acid & Calcium supplements). A 30 day supply of medicine was provided at a token cost of PKR 60/- (USD 0.7), equivalent to approximately 8% of the actual cost. The remaining cost (> 92%) was borne by public donors.
• EEG services: Video-EEG Recordings are performed at a token cost of PKR 300/- (USD 3.5) as against the commercial rates of Rs. 5000-8000 (USD 60-90). A total of 1,567 Video-EEGs were performed in the reporting years.

Educational activities
This has been stressed in view of the low number of neurologists in the country. Each free camp was followed by an Epilepsy CME workshop for the district doctors. Seventy primary care physicians were updated on epilepsy diagnosis and management. Special advanced three-tiered physician training workshops were held. Didactic lectures, mock patient assessment and finally assessment of real epileptic patients were the main features of these workshops. The interactive patient doctor session helped the physicians gain confidence. All these workshops were held under the supervision of senior neurologists of the country. Four hundred and twenty two doctors attended these workshops.

Future Plans
Epilepsy Association of Pakistan will continue make efforts to:
• Improve epilepsy-care; primary to tertiary levels.
• Increase public awareness.
• Increase human resource.
• Ensure availability of quality drugs in every part of the country.
• Make efforts to convince governmental agencies about epilepsy being a major health problem requiring special considerations & funds allocation.

Officer Election Date
June 2012

Report By
Prof. Shaukat Ali, President.

Polish Society of Epileptology

Our members published their studies in: Epilepsia, Polish Journal of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Epileptologia, Seizure, Journal of Child Neurology, Pediatrics, Neurological Current, Practical Neurology, Neurology (Polish edition), European Journal of Neurology, Epilepsy and Behavior.

Polish Epilepsy Society Congress 20-21 May 2010

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
The VIth Congress of Polish Society of Epileptology was held in Warsaw from 20 -22 May 2010, with over 450 health professionals with a special interest in epilepsy attending. Five members received the certification for “epileptology” in 2009 and 2010. During the period between 2009 and 2010 there were several activities organized by the Polish Chapter focusing on continuous education activities (e.g. EEG, Polish School on Epilepsy, Therapeutic challenges in patients with localization-related seizures). The Polish Chapter hosted the Migrating Course on Epilepsy (15-21 August 2010)
Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
The Polish Chapter actively takes part in adjustment of European Union Directives regulating the Drivers License possibilities for patients with epilepsy.

Educational activities
The 4th Migrating Course on Epilepsy took place in Serock, Poland, 15 – 21 August 2010. The course was organized by the joint initiative of the Commission of European Affairs (CEA), ILAE, the Polish Society of Epileptology and EUREPA (administrative work). This course was a continuum of the educational initiative - "Migrating Course on Epilepsy" – that was started in 2007 (Serbia) to take place once a year in different European countries. It was a clinically-oriented course, targeted to specialists at the second and third level of epilepsy care. The course was addressed to applicants providing care for patients with epilepsy and who wish to refine their skills in epileptology. The course program was focused on comprehensive aspects of diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. It also included the basic sciences in clinical epileptology issues. Different issues of adult and pediatric epileptology have been covered. The course was planned for 36 participants. Initially, 42 applications were received but finally the course was attended by 37 participants. The educational and organizational aspects of the course were rated very well. Additionally two members received support for participation in the Baltic Summer School of Epilepsy (Granavollen, Norway).

Future Plans
• Polish Chapter is preparing the new version of the recommendations for management of patients with epilepsy (this includes the new proposals of Classification and Terminology proposed by ILAE).
• Organization of the National Congress - The Next Polish Society of Epileptology Meeting will be organized in Warsaw from 21-23 May 2010.
• Additionally, the Polish Chapter will take an active part in the organization of courses, meetings and conferences on epilepsy including BSSSE 5 which will be held in Sopot/Poland 19-24 June 2010.
• Promotion and support of legislation and regulations in favor of people with epilepsy.
• Collaboration with the health authorities to develop high standards for epilepsy care throughout the country.
• Further support for young doctors and specialists interested in improving their knowledge of epilepsy

Officer Election Date
21 May 2010

Report By
Maria Mazurkiewicz-Bełdzińska

Portuguese League Against Epilepsy

Notícias da Epilepsia and National and Regional written press interviews

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
• 21st Epileptology National Meeting – Coimbra (13 and 14 March 2009)
• V Spanish/Portuguese Meeting – Seville (24 October 2009)
• II Forum on Epilepsy Surgery – Lisbon (27 November 2009)
• III Forum on Epilepsy Surgery – Oporto (18 March 2010)
• 22nd Epileptology Meeting – Oporto (March 2010)
• IV Forum on Epilepsy Surgery – Figueira da Foz (1 October 2010)
• VI Portuguese/Spanish Meeting – Lisbon (30 October 2010)
• BIAL Forum – Lisbon (22 November 2010)

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
• Creation of the National day of Epilepsy.
• Epilepsy issues discussed on National Television Programs – Sociedade Civil and Bom Dia Portugal.
• Course to epileptic people’s caregivers/parents throughout 2009 with the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
• II IBE Encounter of epilepsy
• III IBE Encounter of epilepsy
• IV IBE Encounter of epilepsy
• ‘Living with epilepsy’ project on a national level, co-sponsored by the High Commissariat of Health
• 2009/2010 Organization of the new and shared website – www.epilepsia.pt - and organization of the Facebook page

Educational activities
• Creation of a DVD – ‘Epilepsy on School’
• Course on Epilepsy, a course made to teachers – Coimbra (13 March 2009)
• Course on epileptology update – e-learning (26 October 2009)
• Several workshops and educational update on schools, kindergartens, directed to teachers, students, technicians, auxiliary staff

Activities in conjunction with local IBE affiliate
• EPI3C – Course to epileptic people’s caregivers/parents throughout 2009 with the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
• II IBE Encounter of epilepsy
• III IBE Encounter of epilepsy
• IV IBE Encounter of epilepsy
• ‘Epilepsy outside – Coimbra – with the help of several circus companies
• Several workshops and educational update on schools, kindergartens, directed to teachers, students, technicians, auxiliary staff

Future Plans
23rd Epileptology Meeting – Lisbon (18 and 19 March 2011)

Report By
Francisco Sales

Qatar Neurology And Qatar League Against Epilepsy

Al Hail,Hassan . Epidemiology and Etiology of Intractable Epilepsy in Qatar, Qatar Medical Journal volume13/number1; June 2004, pp. 11- 13.regional neurology journals.2-Deleu D, Mesraoua B, Al Hail H, Dsouza A, Mahmoud HA.

Upcoming Annual Qatar Epilepsy meeting in February 2011

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
• Qatar Annual Neurology and Epilepsy meeting February 2009.
• Five neurologists from Hamad Hospital attended the 28th International Epilepsy congress, 28 June – 2 July, Budapest, Hungary. Dr Al Hail et al participated with an abstract (# p094) Hypothalamic Hemartoma.
• Recently, two neurologist had attended the last European Epilepsy Congress 2010 in Rhodes

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
Educational activities:
• Training workshop on Electroencephalography for young neurologist was held in the Department of Neurology in Hamad General Hospital
• Regular training for medical students form Weil Cornell Medical Faculty in Doha
• Participation with epilepsy cases in the Hospital weekly Neurology Grand Round

Educational activities
• Expert exchange programs for internationally renown neurologist and epileptologist as visiting consultants for patient care and lecture presentations. Last year we invited to 5th Qatar regional neurology conference Prof Dr Wisser from Switzerland and Prof. Dr. E Perucca from Italy and many other neurologists from the region and also in February 2011, will have more different international and national speakers focusing on epilepsy and other neurology topics in 6th Qatar neurology conference
• Published small books on epilepsy written for the public in Arabic language explaining different aspects of epilepsy symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. The first book (about 100 pages) was written by Dr Hassan Al Hail and the second book (about 200 pages) was written by Dr M.fawzi, a pediatric neurologist.
• Several education media programs about epilepsy were made local Qatar TV and local newspapers.
• An intranet site was established in our Hospital website. The website address is http://qatarneuroscience.webs.com/ ; focusing on epilepsy education and other aspects.
• Our neurology department staff members have attended and participated in many regional, local and international epilepsy conferences.

Activities in conjunction with local IBE affiliate
The Qatar League Against Epilepsy (QLAE) was established in 1995 and since that time the league is a member and the Qatar chapter of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) since and the International Bureau of Epilepsy. During the recent years QLAE had initiated several educational and congress activities. Several local and regional (Gulf region) neurology and epilepsy conferences took place.

Future Plans
• 6th Qatar neurology conference ( at the end of February 2011).
• Increase our staff physician and EEG technologist numbers.
• Several works for publications are in progress: Epidemiology of Epilepsy in Qatar, Knowledge and awareness of epilepsy in epilepsy patients and their families
• Get approval for a national epilepsy day.

Officer Election Date
January 2011

Report By
Dr. Hassan Al Hail and Dr. Tag Eldin Sokrab

Saudi Chapter of Epilepsy                                               

Summary of Activities in 2010
Election of New Officers: As the Saudi Epilepsy Society has recently formed and elected the new officers, in order of not to repeat the process of holding another election it was mutually agreed to combine the administration of Saudi Chapter of Epilepsy and Saudi Epilepsy Society. Since Dr. Sonia Khan‘s term as SCE President had finished, a new SCE Executive Board members were elected last March 2010, namely: President: Dr. Raidah Al Baradie Past President: Dr. Sonia Khan Secretary-General: Dr. Ahmad Al Rumayan Treasurer: Dr. Ali Al Ghatani 1st Vice President: Dr. Suad Al Yamani 2nd Vice President: Dr. Mohammed Jan 3rd Vice President: Dr. Abdulrahman Al Sabbagh 4th Vice President: Dr. Shireen Qureshi

Educational activities
7th Saudi Chapter of Epilepsy Workshop Theme: Epilepsy in Elderly and Antiepileptic Drugs Le Meridien Hotel, Madina 12 February 2009 Vagal Nerve Stimulation Workshop King Abdulaziz Medical City Riyadh, 19 April 2009 Management of Intractable Epilepsy and Half-day Public Awareness Day in Epilepsy King Faisal University, Dammam 16-18 June 2009 1st RMH Annual EEG Course Riyadh Military Hospital 28-29 April 2010 Challenges in Epilepsy Management 4th Annual Saudi Epilepsy Workshop King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Dammam 16 June 2010

Future Plans                             
Plans: 1.To outline the bylaws about Epilepsy and Driving.
2.To work on the strategic planning in accordance to the bylaws and ILAE and CEMA. Future Activities: 1st Annual Saudi Epilepsy Society Symposium in collaboration with the Saudi Chapter of Epilepsy, 11th to 13th January 2011

Report By
Raidah Al Baradie and Ahmad Al Rumayan

Swedish Epilepsy Society

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
Professor Kristina Malmgren from Gothenburg is together with Giuseppe Capovilla from the Italian Chapter responsible for the ILAE project - Fighting epilepsy in Ghana.

Educational activities
The SES Annual Course was held in Uppsala 13-14 November 2009. Approximately 100 delegates attended the meeting focused on “Antiepileptic drugs and side effects”. Workshops on EEG monitoring in neonatal intensive care, arranged in Uppsala on 12 March with a follow-up on 10 September 2010. A workshop on “Dravet syndrome, from genes to ion channels”, held in Gothenburg on 22 October 2010. Meetings have been arranged during International Congresses for discussions between board members representing the Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian Chapters. Members of the Swedish Chapter have been invited to participate in the educational activities in the other Nordic countries during 2010. Visiting professor Torbjörn Tomson was lecturing at the Baltic Sea Summer School in Norway, June 2010.

Future Plans
• Seminar on “Novel treatment strategies for epilepsy,” in Lund 5 February 2011
• A workshop on standardized EEG-reporting systems for routine evaluations and long term monitoring, 11 March 2011.
• The SES Annual Course focusing on “Evidence based epilepsy treatment”, a two-day course in Linköping November 2011.

Officer Election Date
12 November 2010

Report By
President Kristina Källén

Swiss League Against Epilepsy

Journal Epileptologie, Newsletter, DVDs an more

6th Joint Meeting of the German, Austrian and Swiss Chapters of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) in Rostock, Germany, 20-23 May.

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
• Journal “Epileptologie” (Epileptology), publication four times a year, 52 pages each, with information about new developments in epilepsy research and treatment (for professionals, 1,750 copies).
• Newsletter “Epilepsie News”, publication four times a year, 6 pages each until June 2009, then 4 pages each, with information about the activities of the League and about epilepsy (for laymen, 33,000 copies in German, 10,000 copies in French and 4,000 copies in Italian, since June 2009 no more copies in Italian). 2009
• Brochure on “Prizes and Awards in Epileptology” in German (500 copies).
• Two new information leaflets on “Epilepsy and Sports” and on “Epilepsy and Work” in German (8,000 copies) and French (2,000 copies).
• Annual report in German and French (860 copies).
• Brochure on events of the Swiss League Against Epilepsy in German and French (3,000 copies).
• Edition of the DVD “Dissoziative Anfälle” (500 copies) for professionals.
• Edition of the DVD “Epilepsie / Epilessia” (500 copies) for non-professionals.
• Monthly electronic newsletter (over 29,000 copies/year) 2010
• Brochure on “Prizes and Awards in Epileptology” in German (400 copies).
• Annual report in German and French (850 copies).
• Brochure on events of the Swiss League Against Epilepsy in German and French (2,700 copies).
• Edition of the DVD “Year of the Wolf” with German subtitles (1500 copies)
• Monthly electronic newsletter (over 100,000 copies/year)

Summary of Activities 2009
• 6th Joint Meeting of the German, Austrian and Swiss Chapters of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) in Rostock, Germany, 20-23 May.
• Three annual events in different cities, for laymen, with several lectures held by epilepsy experts. Main topic: “Life with Epilepsy”.
• Three annual events in different cities, for professionals, with several lectures held by epilepsy experts.
• Main event on the “Day of Epilepsy”, 5 October, in Lucerne. Topic: “Epilepsy and Work”. Open to laymen and professionals. • Special day for patients and their relatives. Topic: “Epilepsy and Stress”.
• TV Spot “Ensemble” for the French part of Swiss TV
• TV Talk “Xund Epilepsie”, 18 August, TeleBasel. •
"Under 21" Football Semifinals in Sweden, 26 June, with Swiss delegate Matthias Frei • Award for the best dissertation of the year in the field of epilepsy research.
• Grant for the most promising study in Switzerland in the field of epileptology.
• Awarding of Professor Heinz Gregor Wieser, former president, with the Tissot medal, offered by the Swiss League against Epilepsy.
• Awarding of the “Hauptmann-Preis” in Rostock, Germany.
Activities 2010
• Three annual events in different cities, for laymen, with several lectures held by epilepsy experts. Main topic: “Life with Epilepsy”.
• Three annual events in different cities, for professionals, with several lectures held by epilepsy experts.
• Main event on the “Day of Epilepsy”, 5 October, in Aarau. Topic: “Epilepsy and Emotions”. Open to laymen and professionals.
• Special day for patients and their relatives. Topic: “Examination methods”.
• Award for the best dissertation of the year in the field of epilepsy research.
• Grant for the most promising study in Switzerland in the field of epileptology.

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
2009 Main event on the “Day of Epilepsy”, 5 October, in Lucerne. Topic: “Epilepsy and Work”. Open to laymen and professionals, accompanied by a media campaign.
2010 Main event on the “Day of Epilepsy”, 5 October, in Aarau. Topic: “Epilepsy and Emotions”. Open to laymen and professionals, accompanied by a media campaign.

Educational activities
2009 Three annual events in different cities, for professionals, with several lectures held by epilepsy experts. Lectures for staff in the pharmaceutical industry.
2010 Three annual events in different cities, open to professionals, with several lectures held by epilepsy experts. Lectures for staff in the pharmaceutical industry.

Activities in conjunction with local IBE affiliate
2009 Special day for patients and their relatives. Topic: “Epilepsy and Stress”.
2010 Special day for patients and their relatives. Topic: “Examination methods”.

Future Plans
• Publication of a series of DVDs for professionals and laymen
• Publication of a Report on Epilepsy in Switzerland 2012
• Social Research: Survey of Public Attitudes toward Epilepsy in Switzerland

Officer Election Date
Spring 2013


Syrian Chapter of Epilepsy

PAUNS 26-29th May 2010

Summary of Activities in 2006 and 2007
The Main activity is a one-day course in Epilepsy on 26 May 2010 during the Pan Arab Congress Union of Neurological Society (PAUNS) which was held in Damascus 26-29 May 2010. This course was held under the umbrella of ILAE and CEMA

Educational activities
Epilepsy Teaching course: 26 May 2010 (Organized by CEMA in collaboration with ILAE) 08:30 Registration 08:50-09:00 Welcome: A. Khalifa 1st session Chairs: A. Khalifa ,H. Hosny, W. Nasreddin 09:00-9:35 Benign Epilepsy: Abdallah Rahbani (Lebanon) 09:35-10:10 Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy: Wassim Nasereddin (Lebanon) 10:10-10:45 Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: Ayman Emam (KSA) 10:45-11:00 COFFEE BREAK 2nd session Chairs: A. Beydoun, T. Alsaadi 11:00-11:35 Extratemporal Epilepsy: Ayman Emam 11:35-12:10 Progressive Myoclonic Epilepsy: Ahmad Khalifa 12:10-12:45 Non Epileptic Spells: Taoufik Alsaadi (UAE) 12:45-14:00 Lunch 3rd session Chairs: A. Emam, N. Sleie 14:00-14:35 Newly diagnosed Epilepsy: Ahmad Beydoun (Lebanon) 14:35-15:10 When is Epilepsy Medically Refractory?:Ahmad Beydoun 15:10-15:45 Epilepsy Surgery: Marwan Najjar (Lebanon) 15:45-16:20 Epilepsy Surgery outcome: Wassim Nasereddin 16:20-16:55 Non surgical treatment for refractory epilepsy: Basem Uthman (Qatar) 16:55 Closing Remarks: A. Khalifa

Future Plans
Epilepsy course of Continuum TBA later in this year.

Officer Election Date
end of 2011

Report By
Ahmad Khalifa,Presidant of Syrian Chapter of Epilepsy

Epilepsy Society of Thailand

Epilepsy Digest

Annual Scientific Meeting 21 – 22 July 2011

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
Since July 2009, the new Executive Committee has started its two-year term. Continuation of the planned policies and activities which were initially planned in early 2009 has been carried out. The 14th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society on 22 and 23 July was another successful meeting. This year guest speakers were Prof Shorvon and Prof Leppik. In conjunction with the Annual Meeting, the 5th EEG Workshop was held two days on 20 and 21 July. The first Epilepsy Course for In-training neurology and pediatric neurology residents and fellows was set-up between 20 and 22 August, which was another successful academic activity. Research activity in the field of Epilepsy is being planned and tentatively will be implemented in the year 2011. Education for schoolteachers has been carried on twice in the year 2010.

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010
One-day education for publics was held in January 2010. Main public activities is led by Epilepsy Association of Thailand with the support from Epilepsy Society of Thailand

Educational Activities
1. One day epilepsy course 22 July 2009
2. 13th Annual Scientific Meeting 23-24 July 2009
3. EEG Workshop 20-21 July 2010
4. 14th Annual Scientific Meeting 22-23, July 2010
5. 1st Epilepsy Course for In-training residents and fellow 20-22 August 2010

Activities in conjunction with local IBE Affiliate
Public education

Future Plans
1. Researches in the field of Epilepsy
2. 15th Annual Meeting on 20-21 July 2011
3. 2nd Epilepsy Course for In-training residents and fellows August 2011
4. One day advance course in EEG in July 2011
5. Election for the new executive board in April 2011

Officer Election Date
April 2011

Report By
Anannit Visudtibhan, MD

United States: American Epilepsy Society (AES)

Epilepsy Currents, AES News

Annual Meeting and Biennial North American Regional Epilepsy Congress

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010
• The American Epilepsy Society held Annual Meetings in December (Boston, MA in 2009 and San Antonio, TX in 2010). The 2010 meeting was the 3rd Biennial North American Regional Epilepsy Congress. Both meetings were very well attended and provided many thought-provoking sessions. All of the presentations from the AES Annual Meetings are available on the AES Web site. (http://www.aesnet.org/go/professional-development/educational-opportunities/archived-aes-symposia)
• An ILAE Symposium, organized in cooperation with the North American Commission has been added to the Annual Meeting schedule and will be held each year.
• The Society updated the look and navigation of its website.
• The Society received six-year Reaccreditation with Commendation/Level II from the ACCME to provide CME.
• New web-based CME programs have been added to the AES web site (www.aesnet.org).
• A new web-based member database was launched in 2009 and a members-only professional networking site in 2010. These help make finding information and exchanging ideas easier for members.
• AES raised over $15,000 for CLIDEP, the epilepsy clinic in Haiti by setting up an online donation page and soliciting members.

Research Funding
The Society raises money to fund research through its Annual Meeting, fundraising campaigns and through partnerships with other funding organizations. In addition it recognizes researchers worldwide for their work in all aspects of epilepsy. Recently, the Society presented awards to Annamaria Vezzani, Ph.D. (Italy) for Basic Science and Josemir W. Sander, M.D., Ph.D., FRCP (UK) for Clinical Science.

The Society funded in 2010 (09/10)
• AES-funded Postdoctoral Research Training Fellowships (3)
• AES and Lennox Trust Fund Pre-doctoral Fellowships (4)
• AES and Grass Foundation Robert S. Morison Fellowship (1)
• Milken Family Foundation Early Career Physician-Scientist Awards (1)
• Research Initiative Program (1)
• Research Infrastructure Program (1)
• AES-sponsored Workshops (2)
• Research Recognition Awards (2)
• Targeted Pediatric Partnership (1)

The Society funded in 2009 (08/09)
• Milken Family Foundation Early Career Physician-Scientist Awards (4)
• AES-funded Postdoctoral Research Training Fellowships (3)
• Postdoctoral Research Training Fellowship funded by the Lennox Trust Fund (1)
• AES and Grass Foundation Robert S. Morison Fellowship (1)
• AES and Lennox Trust Fund Pre-doctoral Fellowships (4)
• Research Initiative Program (1)
• Research Infrastructure Program (1)
• AES-sponsored Workshops (2)
• Research Recognition Awards (2)
• Targeted Pediatric Partnership (1)

Educational Activities
• The educational pinnacle of the year is the Society’s Annual Meeting, held in December, which provides a myriad of educational opportunities for clinicians, researchers and other epilepsy professionals. In addition, the Society repurposed all of the sessions from Annual Meetings and puts them on the Web site (www.aesnet.org) free of charge. The meeting features one symposium presented in Spanish.
• In addition to many archived programs, the Society also offers Web training sessions free of charge. There are two interactive web programs currently available. (http://www.aesnet.org/go/professional-development/education)
• Most of the materials in the online Epilepsy Education program have been translated into Spanish. This is a resource for teachers and students consisting of PowerPoint slides and text explaining basic aspects of epilepsy. The materials are available to everyone on the AES Web site (http://www.aesnet.org/professional-development/educational-opportunities/epilepsy-education-program/epilepsy-education-program).

Activities in Conjunction with Local IBE Affiliate
• AES leadership and staff participated annually the Epilepsy Foundation’s National Walk For Epilepsy raising money for research.
• Several members also participated in the Epilepsy Foundation’s Public Policy Institute, learning about advocating to congress and participated in visits to congress people. The Society is participating in web based advocacy efforts of the Epilepsy Foundation.
• Many members are active in national and state Professional Advisory Boards of the Epilepsy Foundation.
• Several research funding vehicles are partnerships with the Epilepsy Foundation

Future Plans
• This December, the Society will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2011 at its 65th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD.
• The new Susan S. Spencer Fund was launched in 2010 in memory of Dr. Susan Spencer who passed away unexpectedly in 2009. The fund will support its first fellowship starting in 2011.

Officer Election Date
December 2010

Report Submitted by
M. Suzanne C. Berry, MBA, CAE

Yugoslav Union of Leagues against Epilepsy (Serbia and Montenegro)

Series of Proceedings: Misdiagnosis of epilepsy and errors in antiepileptic therapy (11th Epilepsy School, 2009), Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsies (12th Epilepsy School, 2010), 3rd Epilepsy Congress, Belgrade, 2009. Symposium on Stigma and restrictions in patients with epilepsy, Podgorica, 2010.


  • 3rd Congress of epileptologists of Serbia and Montenegro (Belgrade, April 23-26, 2009)
  • Symposium on Stigma and restrictions in patients with epilepsy, Podgorica, April 9-10, 2010.

Summary of Activities in 2009 and 2010

  • 3rd EPILEPSY CONGRESS OF SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO with international participation, Belgrade, MMA, April 23-26, 2009 including EUREPA teaching course.
  • Educational cycle of Epilepsy School courses
  • Participation to the Project of EURAP.
  • Collaboration with a number of other national ILAE Chapters, especially with regional Leagues.
  • Symposium on Stigma and restrictions in patients with epilepsy, Podgorica, 9-10.04.2010.

Summary of Activities in Relation to Global Campaign in 2009 and 2010

  • Educational and public-awareness activities developed in press and visual media.
  • Lectures on a) Epilepsy and sporting activities b) Stigmatization of school children and adolescents c) difficulties in professional occupation and driving licence procedure
  • Symposium on Stigma and restrictions in patients with epilepsy (regional), Podgorica,2010.

Educational Activities

  • EUREPA educational course > Myoclonic epilepsy, April 23, 2009, Belgrade
  • 11th Epilepsy School,has taken place in Palic,Vojvodina, Serbia on October 30-November 1st, 2009.
  • 12th Epilepsy School, was organized on Rtanj during July 05-07, 2010. 7th Epilepsy School has taken place in Podgorica (Montenegro) during November 11-12, 2005.

Activities in conjunction with local IBE Affiliate
No any activities of local IBE are recognized
No activities in conjuction with local IBE.

Future Plans

1. 13th Epilepsy School, Prohor Pcinjski, Vranje, November, 2011
2. EEG Workshop, Kotor, Montenegro, September 2012.
3. Summer camp for leisure, sporting activities and friendship of children and adolescents, lasting 10 days (Kopaonik, Serbia) July 2011.
4.Edition of the national Journal of epilepsies, edited by League
5.4th Epilepsy Congress of Serbia and Montenegro – 2012
6.14th Epilepsy School, October 2012

Officer Election Date
November 1st, 2012.

Report By
Prof.dr Nebojsa J.Jovic, Chapter President


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