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Epigraph - ILAE Newsletter

Epigraph is the official newsletter of the International League Against Epilepsy’s membership.

Published semi-annually, Epigraph provides an update of what is going on with ILAE and its chapters around the world. Complimentary to all members. No subscription required.

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2015 Issue 3
From the President | Bhutan Epilepsy Project | Arranged Marriage Roundtable | Marriage and Epilepsy | ILAE Leadership Development Program | ALADE Fellowships | Classifying Seizures in the Very Young | VIREPA | Obituary: Jean Aicardi | Obituary: Hanneke de Boer | EpiNet | ILAE Journals | Upcoming Congresses | Download complete issue as PDF

2015 Issue 2
ILAE & IBE Presidents' Message | Secretary General's Report | Message from the Treasurer | Vice President's Message | 2013-2017 Executive Committee | Global Outreach | Regional Commission Reports | Look at the New Epileptic Disorders | The ILAE Website | 2015 Awards | An Introduction to ILAE | ILAE Chapters | VIREPA | Meetings of Interest.

2015 Issue 1
From the Information Officer | From the Vice President | Traditional Healers | First Francophone Teaching Course | Building Infrastructure in Africa | Preventing Epilepsy After Injury | Preventing Death in Epilepsy | Awards | Obituary: Yukio Fukuyama | Obituary: Karen Gale | EpiNet | ILAE Journals | Upcoming Congresses

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