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Epilepsy Therapy Project in Action
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Epilepsy Therapy Project recently funded a grant to aid in the diagnosis of epilepsy in children.

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International AED Name Database

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Epilepsy.com provides this data as a resource for your use. It has been compiled over the years and as new pharmaceuticals are introduced into our countries, the data may become outdated. Since this database may contain inaccuracies, outdated information and omissions, this information should not be used to make treatment decisions without independent confirmation from an official resource.

This database is considered an ongoing project and every attempt will be made to ensure that the data is current and correct. To further the progress of the database, please report any inaccuracies, additions or omissions to Robert Fisher, MD, PhD, at .

Epilepsy.com makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the material contained herein and will be further held harmless from any damage resulting in the use or communication of the information on this site.

Portions of this international antiepileptic drug list is derived from Martindale - The Complete Drug Reference by Pharmaceutical Press, a division of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain www.medicinescomplete.com. Gratitude also is expressed to the librarians of the Stanford University School of Medicine Lane Library.