Epileptic Disorders Educational Prize 2015

Alexandra Liava

Dr Alexandra Liava was awarded the first Epileptic Disorders Educational Prize for her paper: Paediatric epilepsy surgery in the posterior cortex: a study of 62 cases byLiava A, Mai R, Tassi L, Cossu M, Sartori I, Nobili L, Lo Russo G, Francione S. Epileptic Disord. 2014;16(2):141-64. The award was presented at the 31st International Epilepsy Congress in Istanbul Turkey (5-9 Sept 2015), where she presented their findings.

Doctor Alexandra Liava was born in Greece. She obtained her Doctor in Medicine degree at the University of Milan, Italy and then specialized in Child Neurology and Psychiatry. She completed her training at the G.B Rossi University Hospital in Verona, under the direction of Professor Bernardo Dalla Bernardina. Competent in neurodevelopmental disorders, pediatric neurophysiology and movement disorders, Dr Liava also worked with other teams in Italy and abroad before joining the Neurosciences Department; University of Milano-Bicocca PhD program. She also collaborates with the Claudio Munari Epilepsy Surgery Centre of Niguarda Hospital. Her fields of interest are the surgical treatment as well as neuroimaging and neuropsychology of childhood epilepsies.

Interview with the leading team of the Claudio Munari Epilepsy Surgery Centre (Niguarda Hospital, Milano, Italy); Drs. Laura Tassi, Stefano Francione and Giorgio Lo Russo.