Educational Webinars

Epilepsy Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic (YouTube)
Saudi Epilepsy Society Webinar, in English, recorded 4 April 2020
• J. Helen Cross: Epilepsy in the COVID-19 pandemic (overview) - starts at 7:50
• Emilio Perucca: Facing the COVID-19 crisis in an epilepsy center in Italy - starts at 29:00
• Haifa Alabri: Anti-epileptic drug interactions with drugs used for COVID-19 - starts at 44:26
• Zeyad Althani: Practical guide on ICU EEG monitoring for status epilepticus - starts at 57:37
• Question and answer period - starts at 1:14:20

Webinar recording on drug interactions - EpiCARE

  • Emilio Perucca – Neurological manifestations of COVID-19 and special concerns for people with epilepsy – starts at 1:40
  • Emilio Perucca - Drug interaction information – starts at 14:45
  • Cecelie Johannessen Landmark - Mechanisms of drug interactions – starts at 33:00
  • Eugen Trinka – 49:38 – Status epilepticus during COVID-19 pandemic – starts at 49:38
  • Q&A – starts at 1:19:49

Epilepsy & COVID-19 in Africa webinar
Password/Code d'accès: TelemedPart
Speakers: Prof. Najib Kissani (Morocco), Dr ANgelina Kakooza (Uganda), Dr Jacob Mugumbate (Zimbabwe), and Prof Emmanuel Sanya (Nigeria)

Indian Epilepsy Society Webinars
Online webinars for the members, students, neurologists , epilepsy surgeons etc.
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Transparent terminology: the key to epilepsy classification
Prof. Ingrid Scheffer on classification
Epilepsy Society of Australia, 22 April 2020