Definition and Classification

Challenges in Developing a New Approach for Classification in Epilepsy: Introduction to the new organization, impact of neuroimaging, tailoring the classification for diagnosis and outreach, and more. 2011. - Temporarily unavailable

Clinical Research

Presidential Symposium 2011: Doctor, is my epilepsy genetic, and what consequences does it have? 2015

The use of Animal Models for Epilepsy Research: Acute animal models, novel disease mechanisms, use of gene expression systems, and more. 2010. - Temporarily unavailable

Epilepsy, Memory, and Epilepsy Surgery: Neuropsychological Assessment of memory, Memory problems in patients with medical TLE, Effects of cognitive factors on memory, Intracarotid amytal testing, Epilepsy surgery, memory and psychosocial function. 2010. - Temporarily unavailable


Epilepsy During Puberty – The Wonder Years, Dana Craiu, Eduardo Barragán, 2011 - Temporarily unavailable

Epilepsy Care

Ketogenic Diet: Interviews with members of the ILAE Dietary Therapy Task Force - Temporarily unavailable

Organizing Epilepsy Care in India: Prof. M. Gourie-Devi, India, 2012

The Epilepsy Manager Project in the Philippines: Maria Felicidad Soto, M.D., Philippines, 2012

How to Start an Epilepsy Surgery Program: Includes: Patient Selection, Limited Resources, Presurgical Evaluations, Surgery in Children, and more. 2011

General Interest

Selected Sessions from the 29th IEC, Rome, 2011 - Temporarily unavailable

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Deportes y Epilepsia (3:40)

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Trabajo y Epilepsia (5:47)

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