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Brainstorm. This documentary presents the impact that epilepsy has on the lives of three people with the disease and on their families. Brainstorm has been presented on American public television and to patient and medical groups, and it has changed many people’s views about epilepsy and its consequences

Clinical Research

Presidential Symposium 2015: Doctor, is my epilepsy genetic, and what consequences does it have?


Epilepsy During Puberty – The Wonder Years, Dana Craiu, Eduardo Barragán, 2011


Epilepsy Care

The Impact of Seizures on Alzheimer's Disease



Identifying Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures



Brain Surgery: Overused or underused?
Though brain surgery is the best chance for curing some common types of epilepsy, most people never find out if they are surgical candidates. Featuring Christian Elger (Germany) and John Duncan (UK) at the 13th European Congress of Epileptology in Vienna (Aug 2018).



Does Caffeine Increase the Risk for Seizures?



Ketogenic Diet: Interviews with ILAE Dietary Task Force members, recorded at the 5th Global Symposium on Ketogenic Therapies for Neurological Disorders, 2016.

Organizing Epilepsy Care in India: Prof. M. Gourie-Devi, India, 2012

The Epilepsy Manager Project in the Philippines: Maria Felicidad Soto, M.D., Philippines, 2012

How to Start an Epilepsy Surgery Program: Includes: Patient Selection, Limited Resources, Presurgical Evaluations, Surgery in Children, and more. 2011



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Deportes y Epilepsia (3:40)

Dia Purpura porfesionales (8:29)

Mujer y Epilepsia (2:09)

Trabajo y Epilepsia (5:47)

Historia de Juanito subtitulado inglés ©2010

¿Qué hacer ante una crisis de epilepsia? ©2013

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