Policy and Advocacy

The ILAE is active on both national and international levels through its commissions, task forces, and chapters.

Promoting action for:

  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Care and Treatment
  • Research and Education

Promoting action by:

  • People with Epilepsy, Care Partners, and Care Providers
  • Governments
  • Health and Education Professionals

International Epilepsy Policy

Regional Epilepsy Policy

Regional advocacy initiatives

Advocacy for Epilepsy Research

Global Advocacy Council: The Council works within the framework of the ILAE Strategic Plan and Mission to overview all aspects of ILAE Global Advocacy. It makes recommendations to the Executive Committee about strategies to enhance the quality, relevance and profile of ILAE Global Advocacy activities, steps needed to stay abreast of needs and opportunities for Global and Regional Advocacy initiatives, and prioritization of activities.