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The ILAE - Latin America region comprises South and Middle America and Mexico where Spanish and Portuguese are the main languages spoken. Within the framework and according to the strategic plan of the central ILAE, the goal of the ILAE-Latin America is to serve as a regional resource for current and emerging knowledge on epilepsy prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and research.

Current efforts of the ILAE-Latin America are focused on the development of national epilepsy programs and laws and telemedicine projects in the region. In the field of education, courses are being organized for the primary health level as well as specialized epilepsy care.

As the region is extremely heterogeneous, an effort is being made to provide equal learning opportunities for health professionals in rich and poor countries and areas. Guidelines and seminal scientific articles that are available only in English are being translated into Spanish and Portuguese to increase access to knowledge.


Latinoamerica presente en las premiaciones del 33avo Congreso International de Epilepsia
Latin American Awards at the 33rd International Epilepsy Congress

Elections for ALADE

ILAE-Latin America announces the new members of the ALADE Task Force, effective April 2019. See Commission and Task Force Members.

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Epilepsy Week in Latin America

The 9th of September is a special day for the whole community and for all of us who work in the field of Epilepsy in Latin America. 19 years ago at the opening of the 1st Latin-American Congress of Epilepsy in Santiago, Chile this date was established as the Latin-American Epilepsy Day. (Article also available en Español)

16 October, 2019
Flag of Bolivia
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Spotlight on the Bolivian League Against Epilepsy

La primera "Semana de Epilepsia en Bolivia" se realizo en la ciudad de Santa Cruz (junio 2015), y la quinta en Cochabamba del 15 al 20 de junio de 2019. Replicando, el mismo formato por primera vez en Asuncion de Paraguay en abril 2019, y se realizara la primera en el Salvador en septiembre 2019.

25 September, 2019

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