Virtual Epilepsy Academy (VIREPA)

The International League Against Epilepsy’s Virtual Epilepsy Academy (VIREPA) provides a variety of online courses about the diagnosis, treatment and management of epilepsy. The internet-based, e-moderated courses are highly interactive and involve a great deal of collaboration and discussion among students and faculty. The courses are primarily intended for neurologists, pediatric neurologists and pediatricians, neuropsychiatrists and neuropsychologists, epilepsy nurses and nurse practitioners dealing with patients with epilepsy. However, some courses are appropriate for neurophysiologists and basic scientists including geneticists, physiologists and neuroscientists, who are dealing with patients with epilepsy.

Frequently asked questions about VIREPA courses

For questions, please contact ILAE VIREPA staff at

2020-2021 Academic Year

Application for the VIREPA courses below is now open. Applications will be accepted until September 7 or as long as space is available.

For course details, schedules, and information on how to apply, see below. For additional information  visit:

Application for the January 2021 courses below will open in October 2020

Epilepsy & Sleep – Advanced (January 2021)
Course DetailsSchedule

EEG in the Diagnosis & Management of Epilepsy - Basic (January 2021)
Course Details • 

Capacity reached; courses are closed to future applicants but will reopen in July 2021:

EEG in the Diagnosis & Management of Epilepsy - Basic (October 2020)
Course DetailsSchedule

EEG in the Diagnosis & Management of Epilepsy – Pediatric (October 2020)
Course DetailsSchedule

EEG in the Diagnosis & Management of Epilepsy – Advanced (October 2020)
Course Details

Application Process

Please note that to apply for the course, you will upload your CV as a single file (PDF, Word document, or image file), in English. It is necessary to include all required information in your CV.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Your CV must include: 

  • Reference to your training (minimum of 3 years of neurological or comparable training)
  • EEG experience (minimum of 4 months practical experience with clinical EEG)
  • Any other experience/training that is required for the specific course for which you are applying.

Bursary applicants must include additional information as listed below under Bursary Application Requirements.

If you are prepared to submit your VIREPA application, click here.

Important: If you are a VIREPA alumni or have already created an account on the ILAE Academy, login with the same username and password you have used for in the past. This is important so that your prior activity will be linked to your account. Remember: do not create a new account on ILAE Academy. Upon login, you will be asked to update your profile, including confirming your country and changing your email address if necessary.

If you are not a VIREPA alumni and have never logged into the ILAE Academy before, please create a new account here.

Bursary Application Requirements

Submission of a letter of recommendation from the bursary applicant’s current workplace or from the leadership of the local ILAE Chapter or Regional Commission stating the expected benefit to the epilepsy care and development in the bursary applicant’s community specific to the VIREPA course for which application is being made is required.

In case such evidence cannot be submitted, a personal letter of motivation is required outlining the benefit the bursary candidate expects for his/her daily practice and professional career specific to the VIREPA course for which application is being made.

Please note that this requirement (letter of recommendation OR personal letter of motivation) is mandatory and is an important part of the decision-making process for the granting of any bursary. It is also important to note that dropping out of a course, or having limited participation in one, may impact future decisions about bursary eligibility. Only one ILAE bursary per year per person per country is possible. Bursaries will be partial bursaries involving partial payment. Partial bursaries will only be available for participants living in countries with low and lower middle income. See categories according to the statistics of the World Bank.

Michael Foundation Support for European Applicants Only

European applicants who cannot afford the full registration fee may apply for support by the Michael Foundation, Germany. The Foundation is willing to cover 50% of the registration fee for a limited number of participants. For more information, please see the Michael Foundation website. If you are interested, please contact the Michael Foundation ( at the same time and in parallel to your course application. The Michael Foundation support is only given on the condition that the course application is accepted.

Photos from the VIREPA Luncheon at the 32nd IEC in Barcelona, September 2017

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