Appendix II, Membership List

This overview of the chapters of ILAE has many shortcomings. A prime interest of the International League Against Epilepsy has always been to have as many contacts in the world which would help to realize its objectives. Whether each executive committee adhered stringently to the letter of the constitution as regards criteria for membership can not readily be verified because many documents have been lost or are not readily accessible. In particular disaffiliation because of failure to pay dues has been leniently applied, although it did make a difference in the permission to vote during elections either on the slate of officers presented in the General Assembly and much more so when the mail-ballot was introduced in the 1985 constitution.

Another deficiency of this table is some flexibility in recording changes which the political scene introduced. For example, the former Yugoslavia and the present Serbia have been kept on one row; the same holds for Zaire and the Democratic Republic Congo.

In the records of General Assemblies Austria and Spain disappeared for a while. As this may have been an administrative mistake this overview has maintained their membership from the first registration till the present, disregarding possible interruptions of membership.

Hopefully through input of the chapters themselves the ILAE may receive new information which will assist in correcting unintended mistakes if the centennial history will be published in 2009.

ILAE Chapters and Dates of Incorporation

ILAE Commission Membership