Asia and Oceanian Region Elections 2017-21

Election process

Asian and Oceanian Commission Chair 2017-2021

Dr Akio Ikeda elected Commission Chair for the 2017-2021 Term

The first round of voting yielded the following results with a tie for most votes: Akio Ikeda (7 votes) and Shichuo Li (7 votes)

The Elections Committee is pleased to announce that during the subsequent run-off election, Akio Ikeda was elected Chair of the Asian and Oceanian region for the 2017-21 term, having received 10 out of the 17 votes submitted (59%).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all candidates who took part and hope that you will join us in congratulating Dr. Ikeda on his success and wish him a successful tenure.

Akio Ikeda (Japan)
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Asian and Oceanian Elected Officers 2017-2021

Commission Members

The following candidates received the most votes and have accepted their elections.

John Dunne
(Australia, 14 votes)
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Seung Bong Hong
(South Korea, 12 votes) 
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Man Mohan Mehndiratta
(India, 7 votes)
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Jiong Qin
(China, 8 votes)
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Additional Executive Board Members

Byung In Lee (Korea), Past Chair
Edward H. Bertram, III (USA), MC Liaison
Derrick Chan (Singapore), Information Officer
Suryani Gunadharma (Indonesia), Information Officer

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