ILAE Executive Committee Elections 2013-2017

Results of the election for President of ILAE

Of the 109 chapters, 87 were up-to-date with their dues and could vote. Their total weighted votes amount to 196. Therefore,a candidate needed to receive a minimum of 99 votes to be elected. 65 chapters participated in the election, and one of the candidates, Dr. Emilio Perucca, received 133 votes. He has announced that he accepts the vote and will thus act as ILAE President for the years 2013-2017.

Executive Committee Election Process


ILAE President 2013-2017

Message from Emilio Perucca

Results of the elections for Vice-president, Treasurer and Secretary General

Following the election of Dr. Emilio Perucca, Italy, as the next President, with 133 votes against 23 for the other candidate, Dr. Tatsuya Tanaka, Japan, the other three offices were determined in the second step of election which finished on Sept. 9, 2012.

The Election Committee is happy to announce that 85 chapters participated in the voting. Dr. Tanaka (134 votes) will continue as Vice President. Dr. Sam Wiebe, Canada, was re-elected with 171 votes and will now act as Treasurer. Dr. Helen Cross, United Kingdom, was newly elected with 145 votes and will take the office of Secretary General. The Election Committee congratulates the members of the new Executive Committee and wishes them a successful and rewarding term of office. We especially welcome Dr. Helen Cross not only as the new EC member but also as the first woman in the ILAE Executive – a development which has long been overdue.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank all other candidates who were willing to serve and participated in the election. Even if they were not elected this time, all received substantial support in the voting, which showed that their work is much appreciated in international epileptology. In order not to unduly influence the coming regional elections, the complete count of ballots will be made public later.

The regional elections come next and start with the elections of the regional Chairs who will also serve as Vice Presidents in the EC. These elections will take place before the end of this year, and will be followed by the elections of the additional members of the regional commissions.

Peter Wolf, Denmark
Chair, Election Committee


ILAE Executive Committee 2013-2017

Tatsuya Tanaka
Vice President-Elect

Sam Wiebe

Helen Cross

Information about all candidates for election