Management Committee nominations now open

After the recent election of Prof J Helen Cross as our next President for the 2021-2025 term, we now proceed to the nominations for the Management Committee (MC), namely the Vice President, Secretary General and Treasurer.

According to the ILAE Constitution (Article VIII.3.3), each of the newly elected MC members must be primary members of different chapters. Therefore, since the President-elect is from the British Chapter, no more primary members of that Chapter can now be elected. Also, no more than two of the newly elected members of the MC shall come from the same region. Therefore, only one European can now be elected whereas from each of the other regions up to two MC members can be elected.

This part of the election takes place in 2 steps: 1) nomination of candidates and 2) voting. Chapters have been invited to submit 5 names of persons coming from at least 3 regions (Africa, Asia/Oceania, Eastern Mediterranean, Europe, Latin America, North America) whom they propose for these offices. Nominations close on 12th June 2020.

In the nomination, each Chapter has 1 vote. The Election Committee will, from the received proposals, compile a list of up to 15 candidates who have received the most nominations, are eligible and willing to serve, and represent a regional distribution that ensures that the above rule on regional participation will be complied with. Elections will then begin in July 2020

Helen Cross elected ILAE President, 2021-2025 term

Helen Cross
Helen Cross

The election of the ILAE President for the 2021-2025 term concluded on the 10th April 2020 and Dr J Helen Cross was elected with 77% of the votes.

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that Dr Cross has accepted her election as President for the next term. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Ed Bertram and Dr Marco Tulio Medina for running. We are sure that they, along with all of our members, will join us in congratulating Dr Cross on her election and wish her a productive and successful tenure as President.

Out of the 122 Chapters, 96 voted while a further 11 were ineligible owing to non-payment of dues. The remaining 15 Chapters were eligible but did not participate.

Elections Commission

Emilio Perucca, Chair

Birinus Ezeala-Adikaibe
Jacqueline French
Hassan Hosny
Solomon Moshé
Makiko Osawa
Elza Marcia Targas Yacubian
Peter Wolf

Candidates for Election to President

The Elections Committee identified forty four eligible candidates and from those, three expressed their willingness to run in the election. The candidates are, in alphabetical order:

Dr. Edward H. Bertram
Dr Edward H. Bertram
CV | Statement
Dr J. Helen Cross
Dr J. Helen Cross
CV | Statement
Dr Marco T. Medina
Dr Marco T. Medina
CV| Statement


Each Chapter will submit one ballot only, voting for one candidate only. Chapters will send their vote directly to the ILAE attorney in Washington, who will be responsible for the counting.

The ballots documents will be sent out on 17th February 2020, and voting will close on 10th April, 2020. Individuals cannot vote, but members of Chapters are encouraged to contact their committee and inform them of their preferred candidate. Only Chapters that are up to date with their dues, as far as 2018, will be eligible to vote. The votes in this round of the elections are weighted according to the number of members in each Chapter, as follows:

  • up to 50 members: 1 vote
  • 51- 150 members: 2 votes
  • 151 – 350 members: 3 votes
  • 351 – 750 members: 4 votes
  • 751 – 1500 members: 5 votes
  • above 1500 members: 6 votes
  • Chapters that do not collect dues have 1 vote

Historical Elections Information

Past elections results