ILAE Mentoring Program: Overview

Target group Open to researchers, clinicians, and any other professionals in epileptology (e.g., nurses, dietitians), around the globe, at all career stages
Scope Peer-to-peer mentoring, leadership mentoring
Connection type 1:1
Eligibility Everyone can apply irrespective of age, gender, geographical region. In person attendence during the kick-off meeting is mandatory. 
How to apply? Use the online forms to indicate your interest to be a mentor or mentee anytime. Alternatively, tick the box during your ILAE congress abstract submission.
Group size Up to 25 mentor/mentee pairs per round
Key motivation for mentees Achieve personal growth (knowledge gain, skills training, working attitude) and develop a career (independence, promotion, leadership roles)
Key motivation for mentors Develop leadership skills, expand your network (mentees, co-mentors), help others, gain new perspectives (co-mentoring, reverse mentoring)
Duration/Committment 1 year
  • In-person kick-off meeting on the day before the ILAE congress starts + second meeting during the congress (congress shadowing)
  • Monthly one-on-one meetings (phone calls, emails, zoom, in-person depending on possibilities and preferences)
  • Quarterly online seminars (guided coaching, co-mentoring, workshops)
  • Alumni meeting
Supporting Materials
  • Mentoring Tool Box
  • Onboarding video
  • Feedback Form
Program Chairs Katja Kobow and J Helen Cross
Funding Participants have to cover congress registration and travel expenses.


Professional Mentor-Mentee Coaching Session, 27 February 2024
Professional mentor-mentee coaching session, 27 February 2024