Medical Therapies for Epilepsy

Once epilepsy is diagnosed, treatment with medication is first-line as well as the backbone of epilepsy management.

Seizure Medication List: includes currently available medications

Epilepsy Drugs to Treat Seizures

Choosing an anti-seizure medication can be difficult—this is a helpful summary from a well respected epileptologist

Review article on epilepsy treatments

Important considerations for older patients with epilepsy when chosing a medication

Are generics ok?

Detailed summary article about anti-seizure medications

Information on what happens if you miss your medications

Video presentations on Medicines used for epilepsy

ILAE Treatment Guidelines Presentation. Includes data backing the use of some epilepsy medications

Can seizure free mean medication free? The evidence, and a debate: Do people with epilepsy have to be on medications forever? What is the evidence for when to consider reduction of medications? What are the chances it will be successful? What are the risks to trying?

Co-morbid psychiatric issues are common in people with epilepsy.

Antiseizure Medication Withdrawal in Seizure-Free Patients: Practice Advisory Update Summary, Neurology (2021)