Application for ILAE Endorsement of an Educational Activity

Course endorsement procedure: To obtain ILAE endorsement of an educational activity, please read this document carefully. It outlines the conditions which must be met, including additional requirements if funding is being requested.

Before completing the Application for Requesting ILAE Endorsement of an Educational Activity, make sure you are prepared to:

  1. Specify the Learning Objective(s) that will be met, using the ILAE Learning Objectives Matrix
  2. Upload the Educational Activity Budget Form IF you are requesting ILAE funding
  3. Please submit only one form annually If the same course will be held in multiple locations.

The ILAE Education Council or Regional Executive Board will assess the material to ensure that

  • it is in line with the aims, and values of the ILAE,
  • represents value added for the community and participants,
  • addresses at least one of the ILAE Curriculum Learning Objectives
  • uses appropriate student engagement methods, and
  • does not conflict with ILAE Congresses.

International or regional meetings scheduled within four months before a major ILAE Congress are generally not endorsed if they are considered to compete for delegates and sponsors.

If possible, please submit your application at least 6 months in advance of your course, and allow a minimum of 8 weeks to receive approval.