Gray Matters from Epilepsia

Gray Matters

2020 Gray Matters

October 2020

  • Announcements of future congresses and courses

September 2020

  • Letter: The prevalence of genetically diagnosable epilepsies in young
    adulthood: How many should we be looking for?
  • Letter: Genetic testing in adult epilepsy patients: A call to action for clinicians

August 2020

  • Letter: Misperceptions on the chance of seizure freedom with antiseizure
    medications after two failed trials
  • Letter and Response: Cannabidiol antiseizure activity and its interactions with
    clobazam: “It’s déjà vu all over again” Yogi Berra
  • Letter: Cannabidiol efficacy and clobazam coadministration: Where do
    we stand now?
  • Letter: Epilepsy gene panel yield and impact on outcomes for adults with
    unexplained seizures