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The ILAE is a federation of more than 120 Chapters. There is only one Chapter recognized per country. Each national chapter has its own Constitution, as do the details of membership eligibility. However, membership in the ILAE requires that Chapters are representative and inclusive of the entire epilepsy professional community in that country.

The role of the national chapter is generally to:

  • establish and maintain good communication between persons active in the field of epilepsy,
  • assist in the care of epilepsy and maintain standards of this care in their own countries,
  • promote publications in the field of epilepsy,
  • organize or sponsor national meetings,
  • appoint commissions or individuals for specific problems, and
  • devlop or apply other methods for the furtherance of the objectives of the ILAE.

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To join an ILAE Chapter, write to the Secretary of the Chapter in your country. Benefits of Chapter Membership

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