Benefits of ILAE Chapter Membership

To join the ILAE, individuals must be a member of a National Chapter. Chapters are representative and inclusive of the entire epilepsy professional community and seek to further the goals of the ILAE within their country.

Benefits of Joining an ILAE Chapter

  • ILAE supports you throughout your professional career: As a student, resident, nurse practitioner, physician, researcher, epileptologist, or neurologist the League will provide access to education on research, diagnosis, treatment and care of persons with epilepsy. We will provide opportunities to enhance your professional growth through mentoring, fellowships, bursaries, and personal development courses in leadership and other life skills.
  • Members under 40 years can become active participants in the Young Epilepsy Section (YES) – the next generation of epileptology.
  • Avail of discounts on Registration fees to ILAE’s world class educational initiatives and all our International Congresses and obtain special rates for ILAE publications including Epilepsia.
  • Collaborate with over 15,000 professionals from over 118 countries.
  • Access resources allocated to Regions which help raise the standard of epilepsy education and treatment in your country.
  • Engage with your peers in new initiatives in epilepsy care and education.
  • Connect with news and updates with our large network of online channels.

To join an ILAE Chapter, write to the Secretary of the Chapter in your country. Find your country here.